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The latest headlines from across the home improvement and garden sector

P8 / SUPPLIER NEWS Vegtrug discuss the roots of the business, as it

celebrates its UK headquarters in Essex

“We’ve not moved on to the wild winter snow predictions yet”

Founded in 1874

The weather outside is... well, far from frightful

The warm weather has continued and, if predictions in the press are to be believed, we could be set for another heatwave this month, as a result of hurricane Dorian. John Lewis has been making hay while the sun shines, with a reported 40% spike in sales of barbecues last week and outdoor furniture up 20%.

All very handy for those of you looking to clear out your summer and outdoor living stocks

before we head towards winter and Christmas. But, despite the glorious sunshine out of my window as I write this, we take a look at autumn & winter prep in this issue – from garden tidy, to woodcare, and everything inbetween - even a bit of lawncare to repair any scorched grass before the frost sets in. With the media still busy talking about Indian summers (and, of course, the fall-out from the latest political drama), we’ve not moved on to the wild winter snow predictions yet but you can be sure there will be a flurry of headlines at some point urging customers to get their hands on salt spreaders, snow shovels and whatever else they need to arm themselves against an Arctic chill.

Why not get a head start and think about how you can maximise sales in the category during this limbo period? We also have an update from Homebase on its plans for the future and the work being done behind the scenes to re-build the retail brand. I know there is still a lot of goodwill in the industry towards Homebase and, having sat down with Damian McGloughlin recently, it is really encouraging to see someone who remains well grounded but who has such passion and infectious drive, at the helm of the business. I’m excited to see his plans come to fruition.

We are proud to sponsor the Rainy Day Trust

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DIY Week sits down with Homebase CEO Damian McGloughlin to hear more about his plans for the retailer’s future P17 / AUTUMN & WINTER PREP

The preparation for the new season has begun, and takes a look at which lines are expected to prove popular

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