The ZEP COMMERCIAL Mould & Mildew Stain Remover is a ready-to- use, professional-strength formula that quickly dissolves stains caused by mould and mildew. It uses the power of bleach to safely whitens surfaces, such as fibreglass, tiles and grouting. It can be used both indoors and outdoors but works best in bathrooms and kitchens where it is most humid. It can be

used on toilet bowls, sinks, baths and

surfaces, such as ceramics and acrylic. Currently listed with Screwfix. To stock the Mould &

Mildew Stain Remover, contact Zep Commercial

on the details below.  0151 422 1000 


COMMERICAL Shower, Bath & Tile Cleaner makes surfaces in the bathroom gleam, says the company. The product has been specifically formulated to quickly breakdown and dissolve mineral deposits, soap scum, general dirt, rust and hard water scale without the use of bleach. It

has a foaming action that reduces the need to scrub, leaving all types of showers, shower heads, baths, taps, sink basins, ceramic tiles and chrome sparkling like new. It can be used on acrylic, fibreglass, ceramics, porcelain, laminate and Corian. Currently listed with Screwfix in store and online. To stock the Shower, Bath & Tile Cleaner, contact Zep Commercial on the details below.  0151 422 1000 

The ZEP COMMERCIAL CleanStone Plus Cleaner & Degreaser is a strong and powerful formulation that has been specifically created to be gentle on sensitive stone surfaces. It is designed for daily use, the non- acidic, non-caustic, low VOC ready to use spray is perfect for use on counters, vanities, splashbacks, granite, marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo, slate, other natural stones, porcelain and ceramic tiles, says the company. It delivers great degreasing performance that leaves a clean, streak free surface. Currently listed with Screwfix. To stock the CleanStone Plus Cleaner & Degreaser, contact Zep Commercial on the details below.  0151 422 1000 


COMMERCIAL Multi Task Wipes are made from a heavy duty material that is saturated with a high tech and high performance cleaning solution that has been antibacterial tested to BSEN1276: 1997 standards, making them

perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms, says Zep. They can remove adhesives, wet PU foam, wet paint, sealants, fillers, grime, scuff marks and much more. For use on windows, frames, glass, tiles, ceramics, worktops and most other hard surfaces. As these wipes have been dermatologically tested and they contain Aloe Vera and vitamin E they are great for use on hands as they keep them moisturised. Currently listed with Screwfix. To stock the Multi Task Wipes, contact Zep Commercial on the details below.  0151 422 1000 

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