Amtech continue to extend garden tool range to strengthen their cross-category appeal

“…it’s important that we help our customers create a destination for consumers…” DK Tools Limited

After a successful Spring Fair trade show earlier in the year, where DK Tools showcased a broad range of DIY products, the company is now beginning to amplify related outdoor categories, such as, Gardening, Security, Camping and Lighting. A company spokesperson elaborates further, “based on industry insights that we have evaluated, shoppers are essentially looking for quality, value and range, as such, it’s important that we help our customers create a destination for consumers, as well as nurture demand with above-the-line advertising, across TV and National Press.”

Amtech, a DK Tools brand, are continuing to add key lines to their existing 2000+ product portfolio to further strengthen their DIY value proposition. With a whopping 60 tool categories to choose from for tasks around the home, garage and garden, the brand appears to be going from strength to strength since the company initiated a visual rebrand in 2016 – in order to target younger demographics. Interestingly, part of the shopper appeal of Amtech appears to be

grounded in their decision to offer free end user support and advice via their dedicated consumer website at The personalised video tutorials that the company creates as a bespoke service for consumers is now beginning to gain real traction with their target audience.

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Pictured is a new powerful 2000W electric weed burner which the company has added to the Amtech gardening range and remarkably, it can also be used for paint removal. It comes equipped with a 46cm handle, a 3m heat resistant cable and two heat settings. With an RRP of less than £35, it

represents compelling value for shoppers of all ages and with a two-year guarantee thrown in as standard across powered tools, the company is building entry level confidence in their brand and product proposition.

For more information, contact DK Tools direct.

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