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Major breakthrough in garden cover material

by Garland Products Glee sees launch of new cover range made from ‘fabric of the future’

New high dome electric propagator

A new range of garden covers using a material described as the ‘fabric of the future’ is being launched by Garland Products at Glee 2019 (Stand Hall 8 D30-E31). The material is the result of two years development by the company and is worlds ahead of traditional polyester used by other garden cover suppliers.

The new material has major advantages over traditional polyester

covers as it is already 100% waterproof, so requires none of the traditional coatings to make it water tight. It is also naturally UV stable with virtually zero fading over its 7-year guarantee period. The fabric is also almost untearable and with all the seams being sonic welded rather than sewn, there is no need to use waterproof taping in an attempt to make the seams watertight. This means each cover is effectively one piece of material and completely impervious to sunlight and water. In addition, the company will be making over 30 other product launches at the show with the emphasis on environmentally friendly products and GYO.

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Fiskars PowerGear™ X Range Fiskars is continuing to enhance gardeners’ experiences with its state-of-

the-art PowerGear™ X range.

The tools in the PowerGear™ X cutting range are equipped with the Fiskars gear mechanism that makes cutting up to three times easier compared to standard mechanisms. They are all comfortable and easy to handle, which helps alleviate hard work and muscle strain for users.

Virtually unbreakable, this robust range of innovative tools has been carefully considered and rigorously tested to enhance power, precision and longevity of each product, whilst guaranteeing great results.

The tools in the range include Pruners, Hedge Shears, and Loppers, in addition to the Telescopic Tree Pruner. Extending to an impressive six metres compared to the standard 3.5 metre pruner, this cleverly designed tool epitomises Fiskars’ dedication to providing exceptional gardening tools.

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