greenhouses and outdoor buildings Greenhouse and Glasshouse Trends for 2019

British Greenhouse manufacturer Hartley Botanic reveals their predicted greenhouse ownership trends for 2019.

trowels. In 2019 they’re just as likely to be used for parties and entertaining as younger families admit they see them, not just as a route to healthier and eco-friendly living, but as luxury lifestyle accessories - according to Hartley Botanic who have shared their predictions for how their greenhouses and glasshouses will be enjoyed in 2019 based on recent customer behaviour. The trends, which have been released at the end of Hartley Botanic’s 80th anniversary year, reveal how modern gardeners are using greenhouses within their gardens, their most important motivations for ownership and the most in demand styles and designs.


TREND 1: GREENHOUSES BEING USED TO SERVE ORGANIC, VEG-BASED DIETS At the heart of greenhouse ownership in 2019 is the fact that many people want to live more healthily with a focus on enjoying good quality fruit and vegetables which they are confident producing themselves. The manufacturer found that while 95% of customers expected

reenhouses are no longer the exclusive preserve of elderly men with pipes and wellies pottering with

to use their greenhouses to grow food and decorative plants, most of them did so because they wanted to eat better. Some of Hartley Botanic’s customers exclusively use their greenhouses for food ‘production’ with even very large structures being given over to the exclusive growth of fruit and vegetables for customers and their families. Many Hartley Botanic customers cite that their greenhouses give them surety of the quality of the produce they eat. They can guarantee the food they produce is organic and they believe the fruit and veg they grow tastes superior to supermarket equivalents.

TREND 2: GREENHOUSES AS MULTIPURPOSE SPACES The second most significant predicted trend citied around greenhouse usage was their purpose as multifunctional spaces. While recent customers may have initially purchased a Hartley Botanic greenhouse with horticultural production in mind, once installed, they soon become a peaceful place to enjoy the garden or the fruits of their gardening labour, away from the intrusions of modern life. 30% of recent Hartley Botanic customers also expected to specifically use their greenhouses as an al fresco entertaining space at the point of purchase. A greenhouse allowed them to extend the length of time it was possible to entertain outdoors and many customers use them as additional, al fresco areas for socialising eight or nine months of the year.


In recent years there has been a definite change in the way customers view their greenhouses – instead of being just a functional building, in 2019 gardeners will increasingly view them as almost lifestyle accessories and to an extent, status symbols. Imposing and grand Victorian structures are increasingly popular, with customers using them to frame and display ambitious plant collections in a similar way to the hothouses of the Victorian era. The Victorians filling their large glasshouses with exotic ferns and giant palms is still a very covetable look which customers recreate today. One Hartley Botanic customer recently shared that she liked to “show off” her greenhouse to other members of the gardening club she had joined.

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