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Colour selection

For accurate colour matching Hamilton recommends using colour reference systems RAL, British Standards or the Natural Colour System. While Pantone is often a go-to system, its accuracy is limited in metal powder coating applications, so all Pantone colour-matching requests need to be individually accessed to avoid disappointment.

Yet with RAL having 1,625 options and the Natural Colour System having 1,950, customers will not be short on colour choices! In addition to the vast colour possibilities, Hamilton’s Paintables solution is available in gloss, matt, and even a metallic finish.

“Colour influences our emotions and behaviours, so getting the right colour scheme and coordinating accessories and soft furnishings is really important. After the difficult times we’ve faced lately, there’s a great craving for change and to get away from our daily routines. Colour can help us reset, recharge and refocus, and Paintables wiring accessories can ensure that these schemes are cohesive and personalised to the customer’s exact colour requirements.”

Free production service

All of Hamilton’s wiring accessories receive a decorative coating of some kind – whether that’s to achieve a standard Matt Black option or a metallic finish such as Antique Brass. For bespoke, colour-matched Paintables finishes, the cost of the spray coating process is already considered, so Hamilton only charges for the dry powder coating required. Purchased in bulk, this means that on-trend colour requests may be very competitively priced due to market demand. “Many orders we receive from wholesalers are bespoke, so thanks to our

expanded Paintables capacity we can provide colour-matched finishes with minimal impact on anticipated lead times,” explains Gavin. “Moreover, as we already take into account the spray coating process in the unit price, the cost implications are minimised. Although niche colours may have a minimum purchase quantity, we can offer more popular colours cost effectively.”

Colour influences our emotions and behaviours, so getting the

right colour scheme and coordinating accessories and soſt furnishings is really important.

About Hamilton Litestat Hamilton Litestat is a British electrical solutions provider that

designs, develops, and manufactures innovative electrical accessories from its headquarters in Bristol. With a vast product range spanning decorative wiring accessories, smart lighting control and wireless audio, it is a one-stop-shop for all wiring requirements for both the residential and hotel industries. A family-owned and run company, Hamilton operates under the direction of Ian Hamilton and has grown since its inception to employ 120 customer-focused staff and distribute its class-leading solutions around the world.

Flawless finish

The Paintables powder coating results in a high-quality finish, ensuring the paint adheres evenly and the colour is consistent. It is resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading, which is particularly important for these high-wear wiring accessories.

Powder coating makes use of pigment and resin that are statically charged and sprayed onto the electrically grounded surfaces of the wiring solutions. The paint coating is then cured in an oven, resulting in a finish that is far more durable than other paint options.

Should it not be possible to select a colour ahead of time, Hamilton also supplies primed plates for painting on site. While not as durable as they haven’t been cured, they provide a flexible alternative for achieving the colour-matched aesthetic.

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