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Hamilton - All power to the great outdoors!

Outdoor areas have never worked harder than in the past year – whether that’s a residential garden becoming both a playground and an office space, or pubs and restaurants accommodating more alfresco drinking and dining customers than ever before.


etting power safely into these outside spaces can make them even more practical and versatile this spring,

summer and beyond. To support, Hamilton provides a total power and control solution with its Elemento weatherproof accessories and Hamilton Air Wireless Switching.

Bringing power safely outdoors Hamilton’s Elemento IP66 Weatherproof Wiring Accessories are a safe and reliable way to deliver power outdoors to pools, ponds, sheds and garden offices, to gazebo heating and lighting, or even TV screens in outdoor sports bars. An easy-to-open latch ensures the integrity of

the scientifically-formulated gel seal that protects the socket from water, dust, and small particles. The casings are contemporary in design but robust and impact resistant, and can also withstand hot and cold extremes without discolouring, fading, or cracking. Moreover, they come with a 10-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

lRobust, UV stable, high-impact housing with multiple gland entry positions

lIP66 rated for outdoor and indoor use lSocket outlets, switches, connection units & enclosures

lLockable 2-gang switched socket outlet as standard

l1-gang 13A Double Pole Fused Spur + Neon lNEW 2-gang 13A RCD units lNEW 20AX 2-Way Retractive Rocker Switch + Neon

lNEW 20AX Double Pole Switch + Neon l10-Year guarantee

Take remote control of the open air Once power to the garden has been established, Hamilton’s IP56-rated Air Wireless 4-Channel Switching system enables remote control of different outdoor electrical features, such as lighting trees and shrubs with spike lights, electric gates, and pumps for decorative water features.

In addition to the battery-powered wireless

control plate, a convenient hand-held key fob enables on/off circuit control of up to 250- metres. Alternatively, ‘Timed’ mode powers a circuit for up to four minutes - useful to ensure garden pathways are well lit for those going to and from garden sheds or office spaces when burning the midnight oil.

lIP56 rated, 4-Channel Switching System l4x 1.25kW per channel (max load 4kW) lIdeal for garden lighting, pond pumps etc. lWireless control using key fob & wall plates lOperating range 250 metres lLED compatible l10-Year guarantee

For more information, contact your Personal Hamilton Sales Manager

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