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Power management solutions for aerospace and

defense applications A

By Gabino Alonso, director of strategic marketing for the power by Linear Group

nalog Devices’ broad portfolio of antenna-to-bits solutions makes possible today’s mission-critical and rugged advanced aircraft, space systems, and defense platforms. ADI components and high-performance signal chain solutions are highly integrated to reduce size, weight, and power requirements. Optimal performance of high-performance signal chain devices requires complementary low noise and high efficiency power management solutions.

Power by Linear products for aerospace and defense power systems are designed, developed, and factory tested to meet or exceed the performance and reliability standards of ruggedized systems. The wide selection of products also features unique combinations of high-power density, high efficiency, low EMI performance, and ease of use. ADI’s power products portfolio is broken down into two main categories: power regulation and power monitor, control, and protection. This article highlights a few high reliability power management products that are ideal for next-generation aerospace and defense applications.

Product availability

At ADI, products have a vintage, not an age. ADI Power by Linear products are available decades after release, and we believe obsolescence should be avoided. When it cannot be avoided, customers are notified two years in advance via a Product Discontinuance Notice in compliance with JESD48A. ADI continues to support the specialized needs of the ADEF market with exceptional long-term support of legacy products. For more information, please review our Product Life Cycle Information. Solutions for aerospace and defense power management demand reliability, even when subjected to harsh environmental conditions. ADI’s Power by Linear portfolio continues to support the specific requirements of the ADEF power management market with industry-leading quality and reliability. LT, LTC, LTM, and LTP prefixed products are available in a variety of temperature grades, and to guarantee performance, all are 100% electrical tested at room temperature to data sheet electrical characteristics limits.

Military plastic grade, MP, is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution with guaranteed performance over the military temperature range. MP-grade devices are 100 per cent electrical tested at hot and cold temperatures, and include additional

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inspections, tight in-process controls, temperature cycling to eliminate infant mortality failures, and enhanced reliability monitoring. Device options can be expanded by considering other temperature grades, such as high temperature automotive (H) and industrial (I). Filter for these temperature ranges in the parametric tables by clicking Choose Parameters and checking the Temp Range Code option.

ADI offers several linear regulator and switching regulator solutions for space qualified radiation tolerant (RT) power products. Additional information on these products can be found on the Space Technology Solutions page.

Many of the µModule products are available in BGA with SnPb finish and distinguished by the package top mark (e0), while also complying with JEDEC standard J-STD-609. More BGA manufacturing guidelines for PCB assembly are available on our µModule design and manufacturing resources page. To search for SnPb finish in additional product families, you can add and filter Terminal Finish (PB) on our website’s parametric tables.

Power management tool suite Powerful software tools

ADI offers complete power management tools to make designing power systems and circuits easier. Use LTpowerPlanner®

for system-level power tree design, start

with LTpowerCAD® to find solutions for and optimize supply designs, and use LTspice®

for circuit simulations. For the

ultimate in configuration, diagnostic, and debug tools for complex multi-rail systems, check out LTpowerPlay®. World- class power design tools are available for download at no cost. µModule® regulators are exceptional, complete system- in-package power management solutions. The package includes controller ICs, power transistors, capacitors, compensation circuitry, and inductors. All products are tested in final package to data sheet electrical characteristics limits. Enhanced thermal performance and solution size are at the forefront of µModule design philosophy, keeping bulky mechanical and thermal mitigation at bay. High efficiency and low EMI are designed in, simplifying qualification and reducing design time. The µModule product family supports multiple topologies to include buck, boost, buck-boost, isolated, and inverting regulators.

Package and thermal image of LTM4700 (BGA) stepping down 12 V to 1 V at 100 A with 200 LFM airflow and no heat sink

Reduce EMI with dual-channel 4 A, 42 V, synchronous step-down Silent Switcher 2 technology with 6.2 µA quiescent current

Reduce EMI with silent switcher step-down regulators

The Power by Linear portfolio’s exclusive Silent Switcher® regulators offer high efficiency at high switching frequencies while maintaining ultralow EMI emissions—easily passing CISPR 25 Class 5 peak EMI limits while operating at 2 MHz switching frequency and providing 95% efficiency. These no compromise, feature-rich switching regulators have a maximum input voltage

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