Incap - let the electronics invasion be with you Incap Corporation is a trusted partner and full service provider in Electronics

Manufacturing Services. Incap supports customers ranging from large multinationals and mid-sized companies to small start-ups in their complete manufacturing value chain. Incap offers state-of-the-art technology backed up by an entrepreneurial culture and highly qualified personnel. We have operations in Finland, Estonia, India, Slovakia, the UK and Hong Kong and employ approximately 1,300 people. Incap’s factory in the UK provides full turn-key product supply.The facility also has

over 20 years of experience in the defence, security, aerospace and medical markets. From prototypes to global mass production • Prototyping and Engineering • PCB Assembly Manufacturing • Box-build Assembly • Customised Solutions • Cable and Wire Harness Assembly • Engineering Services • Magnetic Assembly • MRO

Free, one-on-one, video conferencing service for technical support and new product design from

PULS Power PULS Power, the specialist manufacturer of high reliability DIN-Rail power supplies, are now offering customers a free, one-on-one, video conferencing service for new product design and technical support.

Providing advice about selecting the best power supply for an application, new project idea or answering technical questions, the video calls may be booked at a convenient time for the customer by filling in a simple online form on the PULS website. “We are very proud of our great customer service” comments Marco van der Linden, UK Country Manager, for PULS, “and our new video conferencing service gives our customers continued

personal support for application advice and correct power supply selection. While we continue to be restricted in our movements this new facility will enable our customers to continue with new product design and development.” The PULS video conferencing facility is available for existing and new customers and their design team is looking forward to assisting with all aspects of power supply selection and implementation. /

Pickering Electronics’ miniature HV reed relay at

the heart of IC test system for On Semiconductor July XX 2020, Clacton-on-Sea, UK: Pickering Electronics, the reed relay company which has pioneered miniaturization and high performance for over 50 years, has announced that it has developed a miniature high voltage relay for use in a new test rig, designed by globally-renowned chip maker, ON Semiconductor.

In switching systems for test and measurement applications, reed relays are often the best solution thanks to their small size, high isolation resistance, hermetically sealed contacts, fast operate time and long-life expectancy. When developing a new test rig, ON Semiconductor – a long-standing customer of Pickering - identified the need for a reed relay with a stand-off voltage of at least 400VDC, which was also small enough to meet its demanding high switching density requirements. Tel: +44 1255 428141 /

50 July/August 2020 Components in Electronics Telonic Instruments presents SIGLENT Technologies

new Flagship 1 GHz Oscilloscope The new SDS5000X Oscilloscope series is available with a bandwidth up-to 1 GHz, a maximum sample rate of 5 GS/s, and a maximum acquisition memory of 250 Mpts. It features powerful data analysis and measurement features and is well equipped to solve the complex challenges of embedded circuit design. SDS5000X-series is available with bandwidths

of 350, 500, and 1 GHz, features a maximum sample rate of 5 GS/s, 250 Mpts of acquisition memory and a waveform-update rate of up-to 110,000 wfm/s. To help maintain high test speeds, many of its waveform analysis features are implemented in hardware. The SDS5X includes a full digital trigger with qualified and zone triggering to help isolate faults more quickly. This technique enables a highly sensitive and accurate trigger control. It also includes a new low noise front end that delivers an industry leading vertical sensitivity of 500 µV/div, making the SDS5X a perfect tool for debugging small signals. Tel: +44 (0) 118 9786911

New 92mm x 25mm high speed axial fan has best in

class 118 CFM airflow and 280Pa static pressure EAO Ltd, Burgess Hill, 10th April 2020 – EAO Ltd has introduced the new Sanyo Denki 9HV09 range of 92 x 92 x 25mm high speed fans for cooling high density equipment such as digital signage, telecoms systems and medical devices. Developed by Sanyo Denki, the San Ace 9HV09 range delivers 1.5 times the airflow and 2.7 times the static pressure when compared to existing Sanyo Denki fans of this size and the highest airflow and static pressure in the industry for this size fan* The new San Ace 9HV09 comes in four variants with 12V and 24V input voltage and two fan speeds and features PWM control, which facilitates external control of fan speed for lower noise and high efficiency. Engineered with dual ball bearings the new fan provides reliability figures of 70,000 hours MTBF at 40 oC (40,000 hour at 60 oC), ensuring trouble-free long-term operation.

The 9HV09 fan is part of the Sanyo Denki San Ace range of 9HV high speed fans available in 40, 60, 80, 92, 120 and 172mm frame sizes. * Based on Sanyo Denki research up to 10th March 2020

Running AWS IoT Greengrass Core TySOM embedded development

boards are qualified by Amazon Web Services to run AWS IoT Greengrass; which expands AWS features to edge devices and enables them to take actions on data generated locally and still use management, analytics and durable storage. IoT Greengrass enables the connected devices to run AWS Lambda functions, Docker containers and communicate with other devices securely even if they are not connected to the cloud system. Also, AWS IoT Greengrass keeps the device’s data synchronized and executes predictions based on machine learning models. TySOM embedded development boards have passed the required tests for AWS IoT Greengrass, and users will be provided with the required HW and SW to start their IoT applications using AWS Greengrass. Aldec Europe Tel: 01295 201 240

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