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Constantly increasing power densities in electronics and power electronics require the use of efficient cooling methods in order to meet the component life specified by the manufacturer. The really big thermal power losses, e.g. for converters or switchgears, are often in the scale of a few kilowatts and are very effective to heat by means of high-

performance cooling aggregates. For this purpose Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG is expanding its extensive product portfolio of high-performance cooling aggregates by two more designs with the article number LA 34 in the dimensions (WxH) 80x83mm and LA 35 in the dimensions (WxH) 160x83mm. As it is usual for high-performance

cooling aggregates the new designs are also available with an additional airflow chamber for generating a laminar air flow under the part numbers LAV 34 and LAV 35. Phone: +49 2351 435-0 infofischerelektronikde wwwfischerelektronikde

Lattice Radiant software tool accelerates system development for new Certus-NX FPGA-based designs

Advanced Interconnections Low profile, 1.0mm pitch Mezza-pede® SMT Connectors from Advanced Interconnections

feature screw-machined terminals in an over-molded insulator for superior performance and durability. Typical applications include tunable laser power, cable to board, and low profile board stacking. Available with customized options for automated assembly, in common and application-specific sizes.

Low profile - board to board stack height (z-axis) options ranging from 2.9mm to 4.0mm (nom.). Robust design features screw- machined terminals and multi-finger contacts with a per contact current rating of greater than 1 Amp at 80°C ambient. Dual row configurations include 8, 14, 20, 30, or 36 total positions with other pin counts available on a customized basis. Request a sample, watch a video, or build a part number online at Advanced Interconnections Corp. USA Tel: 1 (401) 823-5200 Email:

0.1°C accurate digital temperature sensor MMS Electronics can improve product temperature accuracy by using the Smartec SMT172

HILLSBORO, OR – June 24, 2020 – Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC), the low power programmable leader, today announced availability of the latest version of its popular software design tool for FPGAs, Lattice Radiant™ 2.1. The version includes support for the company’s new general-purpose Lattice Certus™-NX FPGAs, the second family introduced within six months using Lattice Nexus™ FPGA development platform, plus native support for the SystemVerilog hardware description and verification language to increase functionality and design flexibility. Lattice Radiant design software accelerates development of Lattice FPGA-based applications for a range of markets, including industrial/automotive, communications/compute, and consumer. The new version of Radiant supports SystemVerilog throughout the entire design flow, from the native synthesis tool through the schematic viewer, hierarchical viewer, configuration wizards, and debugging tool. This highly productive coding method simplifies on-chip debugging and other tasks to streamline the design process and get Lattice FPGA-based products to market faster

Contract Production continues to support British

manufacturing amidst pandemic uncertainty Yorkshire-based subcontract electronics manufacturer, Contract Production, has continued to enjoy record levels of growth, despite the uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The Pickering firm has attributed its busy production lines to a sharp uptake in onshore manufacturing and its robust supply chain, which it hopes will continue, restarting the fire of British manufacturing. With more than a decade’s experience working with some of the leading names in multiple industries, Contract Production are able to support businesses with a host of contract electronics services, including PCB assembly and testing, prototyping, box build, and BGA placement. With ISO 9001 accreditation and IPC certification, quality and precision are at the heart

of what Contract Production do. Partnered with industry-leading equipment and a commitment to traditional Yorkshire values of openness, honesty and integrity, Contract Production have become the manufacturing partner of choice of businesses across the UK. W: E: T: 01751 475950

48 July/August 2020 Components in Electronics

sensor. The SMT172 is a digital, factory calibrated, high accuracy temperature sensor with pulse width modulated output signal. PWM output sensors have high noise immunity and high reference accuracy. The sensors are easy to interface and multiplex. The duty cycle output of the SMT172 is proportional to the temperature. Accuracy of the TO18 sensor is 0.1ºC between -20ºC to 60ºC and 0.4ºC between -45 ºC and 130ºC. Maximum temperature is 130ºC. Supply voltage from 2.7 V to 5.5 V. This is the most energy efficient temperature sensor in the world with an average current of < 60uA or 220nA. Different sensor packages are available to suit the application including a 5mm and 7mm stainless steel probe with cable. For fast development evaluation boards with USB and I²C Interface are available (SMTAS04 and SMT172toI2C). Application are found in biotechnology, wearables, IOT, scientific, environmental and medical measurements. MMS Electronics Ltd Tel 01943 877668

Partnering with global suppliers to eradicate a common enemy

Smiths Interconnect is proud to be collaborating with leading medical technology organizations around the world to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve long been a trusted partner

to key ventilator manufacturers providing high reliability connectors renowned for their durability and unfaltering performance in critical environments.

Currently our teams in Asia, the Americas and Europe are supporting programs to deliver connectors for ventilator production and delivery within those regions. These are products we’ve provided for many years including among others: KNB Series – a board-to-board

connector with Hypertac® hyperboloid technology utilized within a French-made portable ventilator found in ambulances, ambulatory helicopters and hospitals.

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