IBASE Unveil New COM Express Module Powered by AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000

I ROLEC’s new ProfiPANEL

HMI/Machine Controller Enclosures Now In Four Standard Sizes


P 65 rated profiPANEL Standard’s minimalist multi-variable design is ideal for a wide range of modern machine

control applications. It can be mounted from the top or bottom on ROLEC’s profiPLUS 50 suspension arm system. The new standard version offers greater savings by

offering four standard sizes based on a 90 mm profile. Lead times are reduced as all components are held in stock with the standard format ideal for smaller volume orders. It has an individually configurable front plate which can

accommodate a panel PC up to 21 inches. The 3 mm aluminium front plate is permanently connected to the enclosure with flush and virtually edgeless mounting. Each case features a lock and exterior hinge as standard. Each is manufactured from extruded aluminium (silver

anodised) and the slide-in contours for M4/M5 nuts allow easy mounting of equipment.

ROLEC  01489 583858  -enclosures/profiPANEL-Standard.htm

Cox Exact Dual Rotor Flow

Turbine Meters' offer superior accuracy

Badger Meter's Cox Exact Series, available from Bell Flow Systems, use dual rotor technology.


Miniature low level force sensor is small but perfectly formed


he Type 9215A miniature force sensor from Kistler Instruments ( is only 23.3mm long

and 6.0mm diameter and weighs only 2.5g making it ideal for both laboratory and industrial applications where space is at a premium. This highly sensitive, piezoelectric force sensor is suitable for measuring quasi-static and dynamic tensile and compression forces from -20 to +200N in three calibrated ranges. The sensor has a sealed DIN 1.4542 stainless steel body with an M5x0.5 external mounting thread and an M2 tapped bore for force input. For higher force measurements, the Type 9217A has a measuring range from -500 to +500N, an overall length of 46mm and weighs only16g. The versatility offered by the three measuring ranges,

2N, 20N and 200N, and the low force sensitivity make the new sensor exceptionally suited to a wide range of applications in product testing and for highly sensitive force measurements in research and development..

Kistler Instruments Limited  01256 741 550 

he turndown ratio of the versatile Cox Exact Series is far greater than the typical 10:1 and can be as high as

500:1, allowing lower flows to be measured more precisely at greater than 0.15% accuracy of reading with repeatability down to 0.02%. This can benefit a business economically by having one highly efficient dual rotor meter rather than several single ones. By incorporating a helical rotor design this allows for a

reduced pressure drop and less bearing wears. The force of the flow is evenly distributed across the rotors and bearings which reduces the bearing wear and improves repeatability, ensuring the longevity of the meter in service. The Cox Exact is the apex of turbine flow meter

technology offering all the benefits of the dual rotor design and is available with a variety of accessories.

Bell Flow Systems  01280 817304 

More 19” Mini-Rack Enclosures From METCASE


ETCASE now offers a wider range of 19” mini-rack enclosures for desktop and portable electronics

equipment. Innovative and robust TECHNOMET 19” features diecast

bezels front and rear which fit flush with the main case body; there are no visible fixing screws. INSTRUMET 19” is a range of tough, desktop and portable modern housings also with diecast front and rear bezels. Both models offer easy installation of 19” subracks,

chassis and front panels. They feature earth connections and ventilation in the base and rear panels. TECHNOMET 19” is supplied with ABS side handles and non-slip feet. INSTRUMET 19” has ABS tilt feet and an optional tilt/swivel carry handle. TECHNOMET 19” is available in three standard sizes

3U, 4U and 6U in anthracite and light grey. 3U INSTRUMET 19” is available in two widths: 10.5” or 19”, in light grey/window grey. Customising options include custom heights and depths, plus CNC punching, special colours and digital printing.

METCASE  Enclosures.htm

Automation | September 2019 37

BASE Technology, a manufacturer of application specific industrial embedded computing platforms,

have announced the release of the ET976, a new COM Express Compact Type 6 module powered by AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 SoC. Targeting graphics intensive devices that rely on reliable performance to maintain stable operation, the ET976 is ideal for use in industrial automation, medical imaging, transportation, gaming as well as payment systems and ATM machines. The new ET976 Computer-on-Modules are currently

available with a scalable selection of AMD Ryzen SoCs including V120B, V1605B, and V1807B along with Radeon Vega 3 graphics that offer twice the level of performance when compared to its predecessor. Built with up to 8GB of DDR4 RAM (supports ECC), the 125 by 95mm module provides triple independent display ports, a Gigabit Ethernet and a high definition audio controller, and supports a wide variety of the high-speed interfaces on the carrier board such as eight USB 2.0, four USB 3.1, and two SATA III.

IBASE Europe  01438 846 090  

Temperature monitoring in metals processing


luke Process Instruments will showcase temperature sensing solutions for primary and secondary metals

production at the October 2019 HeatTreatmentCongress in Cologne, Germany. These include infrared sensors for noncontact

measurements, ideal for continuous remote monitoring of products and equipment and datalogging systems for furnace surveys and in-process product temperature profiling. Developed to meet today’s demanding industrial automation requirements, these systems allow operators to optimize their processes for consistent high quality and fuel efficiency. An exhibition highlight, the ThermoView TV40 industrial-grade thermal imager with an integrated visible-light camera, enables 24/7 temperature monitoring in a -10 °C to 1200 °C range. Target applications include iron foundries where the imagers check temperatures of molten metal and monitor ladles to ensure that the refractory lining is intact. Also on show, the Datapaq Furnace Tracker based on the Datapaq TP3 data logger with up to 20 measurement channels performs temperature uniformity surveys (TUS) and system accuracy tests (SAT).

Fluke Process Instruments  +49 30 478 008-0  marcom2.emea@

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