Relay Modules for easier system debug!


use failure indication makes plant maintenance quicker ensuring the customer can get, up and

working again with minimum delay. Colter Products are offering a NEW range of ‘off the

Shelf’ Din rail mounting relay modules that offer fuse failure indication for each relay output.

The modules use the Bussmann mechanical fuse

failure indication on each circuit to provide an alarm signal which can be connected to a PLC which in turn can flag an alarm on a SCADA system directing maintenance to an identifiable individual relay.

The modules are particularly useful in large control

systems. 1,4,8 &16 channel relay modules are available as shown in the photograph. Relay Coil voltages are typically 24Vdc but 12 & 48Vdc are also offered.

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F Thorite – Big savings at Service Timber

or many companies who need a reliable source of compressed air, the age of their compressor isn't much of a concern. It's almost a case of "Well it's running just fine, we have it serviced regularly, so what's the problem?" The problem lies with the running cost or energy consumption of an old compressor, matched against the cost of a

new one that has all the latest energy-saving features. The savings that a company can make by updating its compressor are considerable and Thorite, the UK's largest

distributor of compressed air products and systems, is extremely proficient at showing factory owners just how significant these savings can be. Towards the end of last year, Key Account Manager, Steve Bradbury, visited Selby based Service Timber Ltd and

offered to data-log their two aging fixed speed compressors; an 11kw Hydrovane and a 15kw HPC model. Service Timber is one of the largest timber component suppliers in the North of England with a wide range of

customers who rely on a dependable supply of high-grade timber and the two compressors are used to power all the timber preparation equipment and are in almost constant use. By data-logging Service Timber's air compressors, Steve quickly established their air demand profile, showing that by

replacing the two existing compressors with one new variable speed compressor, considerable savings could be made. Quite how much was amazing. A new 30 kW Hydrovane variable speed rotary vane type compressor was installed

last November and is set to save Service Timber over £2,000 per year. Thorite

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Keeping it Moving: Brammer Buck & Hickman upgrades Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems for improved reliability

Centre, Brammer Buck & Hickman has recently completed a successful communication upgrade to its Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, to ensure customers receive the goods they need when they need them. This new upgrade completes a series of performance


improvements to the cranes and how they transmit and receive data from Brammer Buck & Hickman’s warehouse management system. The upgrades also enable the system to self-diagnose problems and resolve them automatically ahead of a fully automatic restart. The upgrade project will now move into its final phase

to replace most of the crane’s major mechanical (gearboxes and motors) and electrical control systems. By using the latest components available, any future

breakdowns will be resolved quickly and enable to change failed programmable logic controllers and other control modules much faster. This will help to reduce downtime and make them more resilient. Matt Luke, Head of Logistics at Brammer Buck & Hickman commented, “The real benefit for us and

36 September 2019 | Automation

s part of an investment project to improve the automation at its Wolverhampton National Distribution

ultimately our customers is that we have dramatically reduced the risk of service failure following a breakdown. The Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems now operate with modern communication protocols, new operating programs and the latest Programmable Logic Controller. This means that along with boosting our productivity, we’re still able to keep up the high-quality service that we champion.” These improvements mean that Brammer Buck &

Hickman’s support partner ELSE now has full remote access capability and can dial-in to the control systems from Sweden, 24 hours a day. Brammer Buck & Hickman has also updated the programming, and this helps the automation run much more efficiently and smoothly, reducing wear and tear and speeding up the overall performance. Brammer Buck & Hickman is part of the Rubix group.

With a turnover of more than ¤2.2 billion in 2017, Rubix is Europe’s largest supplier of industrial MRO products and services.

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requirements of various fuel transfer markets. Both the EX100 and EX140 are sturdy and versatile, mainly developed for the heavy duty transfer of kerosene, petrol and diesel fuel. They are simple to use, as well as compact and

Piusi’s new high-flow EX pumps P

iusi’s new EX100 and EX140 pumps with ATEX and UL certification, were developed to meet the specific

versatile, which means they are adaptable. This adaptability means the pumps can be used in most working conditions including fuel transfer in large commercial vehicles. These Piusi pumps offer continuous high flow rates, even in complicated delivery systems, whilst remaining high performing pumps. The ATEX certification ensures that these pumps are

compliant with the current principles of safety to prevent explosions inside or outside the pump. They can be used in ATEX zoned environments along with the other approved kit items; EX nozzles, nozzle connections, flow meters, and suitable fuel management systems.

Bell Flow Systems 

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