Konecranes launches three new lifting products K

onecranes has announced the launch of three new lifting products to reinforce its comprehensive range

of material handling equipment. The new products are aimed at industrial customers in a broad range of sectors, including general manufacturing, automotive and various process industries. The S-, C- and M-series represent the next generation

of Konecranes’ products, bringing new technology and innovation to areas including motor drives, rope, reeving systems, clutches and brakes to deliver safer equipment which performs better, lasts longer and delivers greater operational savings. All new S- and M-series cranes are equipped with

sensors and the capability to collect and send data. Every customer purchasing an S- or M-series crane will have access to the yourKONECRANES portal, which is a digital service for operators, technicians and management, allowing customers to take full advantage of their crane. Konecranes has a total of 20 patents, either awarded or pending, for the three new series of products. These capabilities reflect Konecranes’ investment in

the growing opportunities of data. The company has established a data science laboratory in Lyon, France, as part of its continuing drive to digitalise products, services, and operations. Konecranes has 21,500 connected cranes across the world and digital lifecycle records from over 1.1 million customer assets. The new products feature improved component design

and materials, in keeping with Konecranes’ goal of significantly reducing the environmental impact of products throughout their life span. A strong focus on component durability and predictive maintenance reflects the company’s commitment to helping customers achieve the highest lifecycle value of their equipment.

Konecranes Demag UK Ltd  01295 676100 

Elesa Indicators – a story of quality I

ndicators were the basis of Elesa in the UK with the transition of Clayton Instruments to Elesa Clayton and then Elesa UK. The original analogue instruments – whose

derivatives are still available – were high quality, craftsman-engineered for the many industries using rollers in their processing machinery. Accuracy of these machines was – and still is – of the highest importance, where very thin material sheets of paper, fabric, metal, plastic etc. are concerned.

Generally, these gauges are of the gravity or positive drive type – they are perfectly

complimented by the Elesa range of handwheels and dial knobs. The exceptional design style of these high-quality mouldings perfectly compliment the accuracy of those original Clayton instruments and their flexible approach which enables customer requirements to be incorporated.

Gravity and Positive drive movements were joined by Direct Drive digital box style indicators.

Elesa 

If you would like to advertise in the classified section of the magazine or have press releases you would like to

promote, please contact our Sales Executive Will Robson

who would be happy to help. 01622 699191

Like all Elesa Clayton units these are focused on the quality aspects of function, form,

comfort, safety and aesthetics, coupled with robustness, longevity, appropriateness to application, so offering the best in value.

Machinery, and of course production requirements, continue to move on and Elesa

have explored these new needs with the market over recent years – culminating in the electronically focused digital indicators which enabled radio communication between devices and a central control module. Alongside the electronic revolution and its networking outcome, Elesa have seen the

need for position indicators to be used in measurement of linear and angular movements as well as regulation of flows, capacities, strokes or variable speed drives. The electronic and networking facilities in-built in Elesa’s new generation of indicators enable time- saving, enhanced accuracy of resetting/adjustment leading to less downtime with higher quality product outcomes.

As ever, Elesa are focused on quality reflecting a meeting of minds from many years ago when Elesa and Clayton originally got together. Automation | October 2019 37

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