delivers cost effective simple joining processes

for simple joining processes to deliver a cost-effective alternative to conventional pneumatic or hydraulic systems. Compared to hydraulic or pneumatic units, the NCFE module offers impressively low energy consumption, simple handling and fast commissioning for applications in the measuring range from 10 to 80 kN. The NCFE module is a cost-


effective, off the shelf joining system using integrated sensor technology that gives users the benefit of complete end-to-end monitoring and control of the entire joining process. Installation and handling are made much simpler allowing custom systems which deliver low energy consumption and flexibility.

The NCFE module offers significantly greater efficiency

than hydraulic and pneumatic joining processes delivering savings of about 77% compared to hydraulic and about 90% to pneumatic processes. Further cost savings accrue from the minimal maintenance needs of the NCFE system and 100% quality control in real time virtually eliminating rejects during production.

Kistler  01256 741550 

he new Kistler NCFE servopress solution is specifically designed

technology to ensure maximum reliability in the harshest environment. The SST20 is also very flexible in the choice of configuration, i.e. measurement range, data output options, temperature compensation, housings and functionality. Typically, ranges from ± 5° to ± 90° in both single and dual axis versions with data output formats that include, voltage, current (4-20mA), RS232/485, CAN, USB and Wi-Fi.

T With a range of accessories to match, the SST20 is

ideal for applications such as construction machinery, vehicle monitoring, radar and antenna positioning and solar panel monitoring.

KDP Electronics Systems  01767 651058 

working again with minimum delay. Colter Products are offering a NEW range of ‘off the


Shelf’ Din rail mounting relay modules that offer fuse failure indication for each relay output.

The modules use the Bussmann mechanical fuse

failure indication on each circuit to provide an alarm signal which can be connected to a PLC which in turn can flag an alarm on a SCADA system directing maintenance to an identifiable individual relay.

The modules are particularly useful in large control

systems. 1,4,8 &16 channel relay modules are available as shown in the photograph. Relay Coil voltages are typically 24Vdc but 12 & 48Vdc are also offered.

Colter Products Ltd.  01371 876887 

SICK Shrinks UHF RFID Read/Writing with Smallest Industrial Device The innovative design of the SICK RFU610 combines

SICK  01727 831121 

antenna, intelligent control and connectivity into a single, rugged, IP67 aluminium housing and there is no need for a separate connection box, and cabling is minimised. The RFU610’s in-built antenna monitors a focused reading

zone that avoids misreading of unwanted tags in the vicinity, while still reliably mastering bulk tag identification. Says John Charlesworth, SICK UK Auto-Ident Product

Specialist: “The current global trend towards using UHF is set to ensure the scalability of RFID equipment across supply chains in future. The SICK RFU610 offers a much- needed solution to upgrading older RFID technologies, such as LF and HF which have typically been deployed previously at shorter ranges. “The SICK RFU 610 adds to SICK’s family of UHF

read/write devices and completes a fully-scalable SICK UHF scanning capability right up to 10 metres. It therefore lays the foundations for seamless track and trace transparency across entire production and logistics workflows as part of Industry 4.0.” The SICK RFU610 offers highly-versatile connectivity,

offering both separate cable connections for power and Ethernet, as well as a single-cable Power- over-Ethernet connection. It also offers the opportunity for direct communication with enterprise IT systems and the Cloud.

High Performance Inclinometer

he SST20 is a cost effective, high stability inclinometer utilising advanced MEMS sensor

Relay Modules for easier system debug!

use failure indication makes plant maintenance quicker ensuring the customer can get, up and


ICK has launched the smallest industrial UHF RFID read/write device of its kind, the RFU610, creating new

opportunities to integrate RFID track and trace capability in automated machines and mobile vehicles across production, materials handling, and logistics environments. The RFU610 needs an installation space of just 80 x 92 x 38 mm and achieves an impressive scanning range of < 0.5metres.

The SICK RFU610 is ideal for short-range auto-ident

applications such as tracking of smaller parts, sub- assemblies and electronic components, materials handling in e-Kanban processes, automating validation of correct tool set-up on industrial machines, as well as monitoring consignment transfers onto smaller Automated Guided Vehicles and Carts.

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