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Wieland’s Samos® PRO – THE Compact Modular Safety Controller

samos® PRO from Wieland Electric is a compact modular safety controller for machine


and automation control. Part of the samos® range of safety systems, it has multi-functional base modules that are modularly interlinked, extending its safety functions module by module. The compact design of samos® PRO means it

offers the highest possible degree of flexibility, consisting of function modules of only 22.5mm wide and programmable safety solutions from a width of 45mm. These modules can be easily plugged together and are available as input/output, input or relay output units and gateways in conjunction with the controller. A single contact terminal also fulfils CAT. 4 (EN954-1) requirements. The range also offers universal I/O which is configured on samos® PLAN. Up to 96 safe inputs and 48 safe outputs can be

achieved through samos® PRO and the system can easily be integrated via gateways to Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet Networks to allow remote monitoring, diagnostics and reporting. Interchangeable memory modules minimise downtime and the simple wiring system of samos® PRO COMPACT reduces installation time to a minimum, whilst providing a cost effective solution.

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38 June 2021 | Automation D

esigned with maximum functionality in mind,

ifm u

olter manufacture & supplyElectronic Controls, Fuse alarm indication, PLC'S, Relay Interfaces

he new DP2122 mini-display module from ifm electronic transforms any sensor that provides a

pulse output into a speed monitor with a local display and two user-adjustable switching setpoints. Not only does this provide a versatile and cost- effective solution for a wide range of speed monitoring applications, it also greatly reduces the processing load on the control system PLC compared with using the PLC to directly evaluate pulses from the sensor as a way of determining speed. Typical applications for the DP1222 module

include monitoring the operation of belt and screw conveyors, fans, centrifuges, separators and other equipment where speed must be maintained within a specified operating range.

TÜV SÜD UK Launches Machinery UKCA Compliance Audit Service


ÜV SÜD today

launches a Machinery UKCA Audit service which will support end- users to verify their equipment complies with new UK regulatory requirements. The Machinery UKCA Audit service is a pre-

delivery inspection that complements factory acceptance tests (FATs). This enables the purchaser to determine if equipment is built and operating in accordance with UKCA requirements before they make a final payment. Any non-compliance issues identified at this stage are still the responsibility of the manufacturer and can be rectified before machinery is delivered, rather than trying to fix issues at an end-user’s site - saving time and money. Paul Taylor, Business Development Director for

Industrial Services at TÜV SÜD UK, said: “It is far too common for machinery to be delivered and installed with multiple non-compliance issues. However, the process of identifying and correcting them at this stage becomes more difficult and time consuming. This often results in the end-user having to raise further capital to resolve outstanding problems, all of which could have been avoided.


BOX PC offers robust design with high performance

isplay Technology Ltd announce the new fan less & compact embedded BoxPC Pro NPA-1904 from

DISTEC. The NPA-1904 has been designed for industrial applications in demanding environments such as automation, medical applications and digital signage. The BoxPC Pro NPA-1904 is extremely robust, offers

high computing power and works reliably even in continuous operation. It comes with a unique docking connector that enables control of an external TFT display with LVDS and backlight. It also offers two USB 2.0 interfaces via which the TFT can be equipped with a touchscreen and another USB device such as a webcam. The Embedded Box PC gets its high performance from either an i5-7300U or an i3-7100U Intel Core processor. In addition to the docking connector, the BoxPC Pro NPA- 1904 offers a wide range of interfaces: one DisplayPort with a

Display Technology Ltd u 01480 411600 u

resolution of 4096x2304 pixels, two Gigabit Ethernet ports and two each RS485 and RS232. Four USB 3.0 ports on the front and two USB 2.0 ports on the back are available for connecting external USB devices. Despite its slim design, the NPA-1904 has two DDR4-2133 memory sockets, each equipped with 4 GB (8GB). With a defined operating temperature of 0 to 45°C, the BoxPC is ideally suited for conventional industrial use and features an integrated watchdog timer. On request, DISTEC supplies the embedded Box PC

with pre-installed Windows 10 IoT LTSC 2019 operating system, which has been specially designed for global industrial use and is equipped with special embedded features such as a write filter, among others. To ensure cyber security, the box PC uses a TPM 2.0 chip on the hardware side for drive encryption. Click here to read more about the BoxPC Pro NPA-1904

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