ABB makes manufacturing more sustainable by recycling and remanufacturing thousands of old robots

Electronic Control and Electrical Products

modules. C

Also Distributors for other manufacturers: • PHOENIX CONTACT, • FINDER Relays, • CHINT Circuit Protection, Wiring Accessories & Control Components

• EATON GMT range of fuses. • SWITCHGEAR SYSTEMS Power Distribution.

All can be found via our Webstore, or contact us at our Works as shown:

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olter manufacture & supply Electronic Controls, Fuse alarm indication, PLC'S, Relay Interfaces and other

• ABB remanufactures robots, controllers and manipulators, refurbishing them to give them a second life

• Remanufactured robots help customers unlock new functionalities and advanced services while reducing maintenance costs and maximizing return on investment

• Sourcing unused and discontinued robots for remanufacturing ensures older ro-bots avoid being scrapped when their lifetime could be extended

As sustainability continues to grow in importance

globally, ABB is committed to help create more environmentally friendly manufacturing facilities across the world. Remanufacturing enables existing robot users to sell inactive or lega-cy robots to ABB with an attractive buy back service, rather than scrapping them or leaving them unused in a corner of the factory. Over the last 25 years, thousands of robots have been

refurbished and upgraded by ABB’s remanufactured robot teams, to give them a second life. As well as previously owned robots, peripheral equipment such as controllers and manipula-tors are refurbished to “like-new” conditions at one of ABB’s Global Remanufacture & Workshop Repair Centers.

Before being labelled as an ABB-certified

remanufactured robot, every second-hand unit undergoes rigorous checks, including a detailed inspection and a minimum 16-hour functioning test. Each remanufactured robot comes with a two-year warranty and buyers of refurbished equipment enjoy the same level of support from local service teams, including installation and training, as they would with the purchase of a new ABB robot. “Unlike third-party refurbishes who only fix faulty

parts, we completely remanufacture our robots using original ABB design plans, specifications and dimensional data. This guarantees that the robots offer the same levels of quality, per-formance, durability and safety as a new ABB robot,” said Jan Borsky, Sales Manager of ABB’s Global Remanufacture & Workshop Repair Centers. “We have one of the largest inventories of pre-owned and reconditioned robots across the world, with 400 robots of various types in stock for sale, and currently the demand for second life robots is so high that we have more than one robot leaving our Ostrava facility every working day.”

ABB Robotics UK & Ireland u 01908 350300 u

Welcome to the NEW Weidmuller Virtual Fair A comprehensive range of solutions on an interactive platform! V

isit Weidmuller’s new virtual fair stand with up-to-date information on their range of products and services.

The entrance is free for all and you can visit at your convenience as it is open 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. Simply register just as you would be in a normal exhibition and a verification link will be sent to your email (remember to also check your junk mail folder). The system is optimised for the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox. Areas on the stand include:

Smart Factory • Industrial IOT – Benefitting from IIOT Solutions • IIOT Solutions – Acquire, understand and utilise data with IIOT Solutions

• Data Acquisition – ACT20, PROtop, I/O Systems IP67/20 • Data Pre-Processing – IOT Edge Technology, IOT Starter Kit, Ethernet Switches to IOT Gateway, u-control, u-create web

• Data Communication – Transporting data reliably via the network infrastructure – u-link, Industrial Ethernet

• Data Analysis and Automated Machine Learning • u-sense Application – u-connect and u-sense • Power Supplies – PROtop, Power Management, Electronic Load Monitoring

Smart Floor • Smart Floor – Preparing the ground for the factory of the future – Bosch Rexroth example

• Field Power – Decentralised Power Automation Solutions • Freecon Contactless Connectivity • Tool Chest

Shop Floor – Panel Building for the Future • Workplace Solutions • Automated Cabinet Building – Klippon Automated Raillaser and Rail Assembler • Smart Cabinet Building

36 July/August 2020 | Automation

• Weidmuller Configurator (WMC) • Manual and Semi-automated Cabinet Building – Wire Processing Centre, Automatic Machines, Crimping Systems, Printing Systems, Tool Chest, Tools, Marking Systems and Software, Digital Data Continuity

• Klippon Services – Enclosure Systems, Klippon Protect, Fast Delivery Service, Assembly Services

• Lightning & Surge Protection • Klippon Relays • Klippon Connect Terminal Blocks

Seamless Connections and Interfaces • Cordsets, Custom Cable Assemblies, Systems Cabling for Control Systems

• Rockstar Heavy Duty Connectors, ModuPlug, HDC High Power 550 and SNAP IN

• Power Electronics – OMNIMATE Signal, Power and Data • Single Pair Ethernet • Smart Connectivity

Product Innovations • Connectivity – Added Value in planning, installing and operating

• Electronics – products with intelligence • Automation & Software – u-mation, Digital Solutions • Workplace and Accessories – Tools, Printing Solutions, Markers • Assembly – Modified Products, Pre-Fitted Mounting Rails, complete small cabinets

If you need any assistance with access to the platform

or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Enjoy your visit!


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