‘Bright ideas’ with Bluetooth for

safety and productivity More visibility in processes: VEGA extends its sensor portfolio for easy process automation


EGA has widened its capability to become a full-range supplier for level and pressure controls for process automation with its new

compact series of VEGABAR pressure sensors and VEGAPOINT level switches. These lower- priced instruments are aimed at standard automation applications – designed to meet the latest requirements in industry and off er some new features for better productivity.

New standard sensors with a focus on hygiene

Like many other sectors, the food industry does not seek ‘extreme’ solutions, but it is always looking for optimisation and effi ciency improvements, where simple is usually best. This new range from VEGA is demonstrating that automation can be both simple and highly effi cient, without sacrifi cing innovation, dependability, hygiene or accuracy. Standard applications can be automated very economically with these new level and pressure devices. Integration into the processes, as well as adjustment, are easy to carry out. Multiple process connection options are also featured, which supports the continuous improvement of production facilities. The focus here is on compact design, fl exibility, safety and optimised hygiene.

Bluetooth for faster set-up and adjustment

Set Up: The new instrument series can be remotely commissioned and managed with a smartphone or tablet, in combination with Bluetooth® and the award winning VEGA Tools app. Sensor confi guration and maintenance in these areas now becomes extremely convenient and time saving, especially in harsh environments and places with limited or diffi cult accessibility. Wireless device adjustment makes operations considerably faster, easier and safer.

Standardisation gives birth to efficiency Process connections: the new VEGABAR pressure sensors and VEGAPOINT and VEGASWING level switches now have a

10 July/August 2020 | Automation automationmag-

uniform standardised hygienic adapter system. Diff erent process connections can be fl exibly selected or quickly interchanged between diff erent technologies. Their connector cables and weld fi ttings are also standardised too.

Hygienic design down to the last detail

All the instruments can withstand intense CIP processes; all wetted stainless steel surfaces have optimal surface fi nish values. All the materials of these new devices are approved and tested according to FDA and EC 1935/2004, and confi rmed by independent laboratories and institutes. The design of the instruments is certifi ed according to the European EHEDG Directive and the North American 3-A Sanitary Standards. The components are also designed in accordance with GMP regulations (Good Manufacturing Practices) so that all micro-organisms are reliably removed by cleaning and cannot multiply on surfaces or in gaps.

Easily visible sensor status Sensors can be installed over large distances on big sites or in very confi ned spaces. Whatever the situation, it’s always important to be able to see sensor readings quickly and easily, so operators can react as quickly as possible, especially in the event of a fault. The development of the new VEGABAR and VEGAPOINT sensors focused on simplicity of use and a fast and easy status reading that comes along with it. With a super bright 360° LED display, switching and process states can be seen easily from any direction. The colour of the illuminated ring can be custom selected from 256 diff erent colours, and it is bright enough to remain clearly visible, even in

Standardised Hygienic Adapter System for VEGABAR & VEGAPOINT


broad daylight. With faster, easier recognition of changing process conditions, it means cost savings.

Fit for the future with IO-Link The option of having all sensor parameters written automatically into the new instrument by the IO-Link master, or the controller during a replacement, also provides additional effi ciency. IO-Link saves time while reducing the potential for set up errors to virtually zero. This ensures higher product quality, more optimal utilisation of machines and increased process speed − in other words, noticeable savings.

Conclusion: Future-oriented automation from a single source Hygienic design, system availability, modularisation and networking are the decisive factors for greater effi ciency in food processes and for standing out in the face of growing competition. With its decades of experience, VEGA off ers ground-breaking level and pressure measurement technology for the automation and monitoring of future-oriented production systems. Sensors that are optimised for operating under extreme conditions as well as meeting strict requirements on system safety and fl exibility.


VEGA Controls Limited

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