TE Connectivity introduces M8/M12 cable assemblies with Fieldbus protocols

T RK Monitor Mounting for

connecting monitors, displays or control panels


onitors, touch screens, displays and control panels are used every day. Industrial machines and systems are

programmed or performance data displayed on modern touch screens or control panels. On conveyors, monitors make it possible to monitor and visualise all sorts of processes. Today, control panels or flat screens are often an essential component of modern assembly workstations.

The RK monitor mounting system is designed for

monitors, control panels, touch screens and tablets up to 25KG. Screens can be tilted, turned and swivelled and if fixed to tube or vertical extrusion can be height adjusted as well. All degrees of freedom can be adjusted separately via a lever or bolts.

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Enhanced-sensitivity amplifier for industrial metal detectors


GE has developed a new compact, rugged MDVH amplifier with enhanced sensitivity for its System 3000

industrial metal detector. The completely redesigned amplifier is characterized by higher adjustable sensitivity levels, reduced susceptibility to interference, and a more robust housing with IP67 ingress protection. Featuring automatic self-calibration, the unit works reliably even if the detector coil comes near metal fittings. Users can adjust the sensitivity of the detector coil as required via a rotary potentiometer on the housing front. The amplifier has a 260 x 160 x 90 mm wide aluminum housing. It is designed for an extended temperature range of -25 °C to +70 °C. EGE's System 3000 is used in conveyor lines for noncontact detection of metal parts that could damage downstream machines or degrade the quality of bulk solids. Thanks to its rugged design, it is suited for outdoor use in harsh and dirty environments.

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E Connectivity (TE), is introducing new M8/M12 cable assembly solutions for Fieldbus data communications,

complementing its existing Sensor/Actuator cable assembly solutions for Industrial Networks. The new A and B-coded M8/M12 cable assemblies

comply with Profibus, DeviceNet and CC-link protocols, offering multiple options for a variety of needs. They have 360-degree shielding against EMI for complete protection for signal and data transmission, and are rated IP67 for resistance to dust and water. The assemblies are overmolded in either PVC or halogen-free polyurethane (PUR) cables, suitable for drag chain applications or torsional stress, depending on customer performance requirements. They come with various standard cable length options from 0.5 to 15.0 meters. Assemblies can be produced in many customer-

specific plug-and-play configurations to enable design flexibility and quick installation in most industrial environments. They can be delivered quickly, thanks to local stocks around the world, low minimum order quantities and a worldwide sample service that meets customer needs for short go-to-market times.

IP65-Rated Step Motors Designed for Reliable

Operations in Wet & Dusty

and resistant to water pressure impact, making them ideal for use in wet and dusty applications. Utilizing advanced seal protection technology, the

Industrial Factory Environments A

pplied Motion Products offers an extended line of stepper motors with IP65 ratings that are dustproof

IP65-rated step motors feature sealed laminations, an oil shaft seal, internal corrosion-resistant film coating, gaskets for mechanical joints and an integral 10 ft. shielded cable that offers protection against the ingress of dust and resistance to low-pressure water jets. For improved protection in high-humidity environments, an advanced coating is available as an option. These IP65-rated step motors are available in NEMA

sizes 23, 24 and 34. A double-shaft version is available with an optional IP65-rated encoder for applications requiring feedback. The step motors operate with Applied Motion Products stepper drives that offer advanced current control for optimal smoothness and torque.

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Innovative System Solutions for Process Automation F

inding solutions to complex problems requires considerable expertise, particularly where hazardous areas are concerned. Whether using sensor technology from industrial applications or highly flexible enclosures for explosion

protection—only those with the requisite knowledge of the relevant subject area can offer the ideal customer solution. Pepperl+Fuchs's many years of experience in factory automation and process automation enable the company to adapt to customer requirements and bring the right products on the market.

Using Sensors from Factory Automation in Hazardous Areas The rising level of automation in the process industry is increasing demand for solutions that use sensor technology— and hazardous areas are no exception. Pepperl+Fuchs is now offering its customers more and more customized solutions for Zones 1 and 21 that feature sensor technology from factory automation and can be used in a huge range of applications. From monitoring warehouses and rooms to use in areas focusing on personal and environmental protection, huge developments are being made in the automation of explosion protection. Sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs are housed in pressure-resistant enclosures, allowing processes to be further automated even under harsh conditions. For example, the latest pilot project involves using the R2000 photoelectric scanner in Zone 1 to safely fill up tankers with chemical substances.

Highly Flexible GRP Enclosure Series for Specific Application Requirements The GR series of GRP enclosures caters perfectly to the needs of electrical installation in process plants. The products in this series are designed to offer maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications. Many small details make it easier to plan for specific customer demands. The sophisticated mounting grid makes the additional mounting base obsolete, while also enabling terminals and switching elements to be planned and installed quickly and easily. It also means that any DIN mounting rails can be mounted using self-tapping screws.

EGE has developed a new compact and robust amplifier with enhanced sensitivity for its System 3000 metal detector Pepperl+Fuchs  0161 6336431  Automation | December/January 2020 37

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