New Pivot Mount For ROLEC’s Control/HMI Enclosures


OLEC has added a smart new machine/wall pivot mount to its profiPANEL range of command/HMI

enclosures. The new pivot mount offers a cost-effective alternative to mounting these enclosures on suspension arms. It is suitable for loads up to 20 kg. The pivot mount is designed for easy mounting to

walls, machine housings or standard machine building profiles (e.g. from ITEM, Bosch etc). There are three mounting options (left side, right side, desktop use). The pivot mount can rotate at 180 degrees and has a stop limit to avoid over-rotation. There is also plenty of internal routing space (Ø 27 mm) for cables. The assembly comprises two sections which are fitted

to the sides of the enclosure. It is suitable for customer- specified plan sizes of profiPANEL (up to 800 x 800 mm) in two depths: 90 and 150 mm and all four sizes of the profiPANEL STANDARD range from 400 x 400 x 90 mm to 600 x 520 x 90 mm.

ROLEC  01489 583858 


Radar : the better ultrasonic! Next generation compact radar level sensors

look destined to change level measurement in the water and wastewater industries

ew 80 GHz radar level sensors dedicated for the water and environmental sectors has been launched

by VEGA. These 80 GHz-based sensors are priced to meet the commercial needs and applications in the sector with no compromise in capability. They use precision focusing to deliver accurate, reliable measurements, regardless of internal structures or prevailing conditions, such as temperature, weather, fouling and they have no blocking distance. This sensor is small sized and loop-powered – available

as a compact fixed (IP68) cable connection or with a housing and display. The FMCW-based VEGAPULS 80GHz instrument series has LPR approval and can measure

liquids or solids up to 30m with fast start up for battery power (SDI12 and Modbus). The range has optional new VEGAMET 800 series field controllers for level, flow and pump control. All sensors and controllers can be adjusted and viewed

via Bluetooth with a free App on smartphone or tablet, to make setup and diagnostics easier, safer and faster, especially in harsh environments or in hazardous areas. Find out more and book a demonstration or trial at :

VEGA  01444 870055

FMT-400 Modular controller gives an expandable multi analogue / digital IO and Comms ports control solution


Interroll complements Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP) with stacker crane and transfer car


nnovative solutions for the fully automatic handling of pallets: With a new stacker crane for dynamic storage

and a transfer car, which enable the fast and safe storage and retrieval of up to 100 pallets per hour, Interroll is expanding its Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP), a flexible modular system for driven pallet conveying. The new products allow users—in seamless interaction with the proven Interroll Pallet Flow dynamic storage system—to implement extremely compact, robust and efficient pallet handling automation solutions that excel with very low planning and installation costs and high energy efficiency. With the market launch of the stacker crane and the

transfer car, companies for the first time have the opportunity to implement a continuous material flow with pallets—for example between incoming and outgoing goods or between warehouse, production and order picking—on the basis of a technology offering from a single source. This means that system integrators and plant constructors can expand their business horizon

34 December/January 2020 | Automation

with cost-effective plug-and-play pallet conveyor solutions, which can also be planned in a very simple and user-friendly way using Interroll's Layouter tool.

Stacker Crane for high pallet throughput The heart of a highly dynamic pallet handling system is the new stacker crane, which has been perfectly designed for connection to the Pallet Flow storage system. The lightweight construction and integrated energy recovery make the system extremely energy-efficient. The overall height is 12 meters, the horizontal travel speed is 3 meters per second and the lifting speed is 0.8 meters per second. At the initial launch, the system is designed to transport Euro pallets with a maximum weight of 800 kilograms.

Interroll  01536 312770  

he FMT- 400 modular expandable programmable controller, designed and manufactured in Great Britain,

gives the user a choice of rack sizes and power options allowing it to be configured to the application requirements. The FMT-400 provides 300k bytes of user RAM, caters for

1024 digital inputs and 1024 digital outputs. It will also accept 256, 12 bit analogue inputs and set 256, 12 bit analogue outputs and caters for up to 8 communication ports RS 485 and RS232. The process power of the system is augmented by the provision of user functions such as 16 and 32 bit registers, timers, counters and programmable text strings. The FMT-400 is part of the Colter UK manufactured

FMT range of micro and compact PLCs and is programmed using the FLEX32 PC programming software which is provided free of charge.

Colter Products  01371-876887 

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