Compact & highly flexible, ready- to-integrate servo press modules

resistant steel, C-frame with precise ram guidance that absorbs all the transverse forces. This ensures the drive chain remains rigid throughout the cycle to eliminate positioning errors. As a result, the aiPRESS has become known Europe-

U TouchPath launches ‘TouchCount’ inventory cycle

count system: real time accuracy with no production stoppages


International supply chain solutions provider TouchPath is launching ‘TouchCount’, an everyday, continuous

cycle count system that can be used to keep a current and accurate, 360-degree view of warehouse inventory. TouchCount is the first of its kind according to TouchPath. It can be integrated with and post cycle count results to most ERP systems, recording cycle count data from all types of warehouse data capture device. Importantly TouchCount can live-count inventory with no production stoppages and with zero disruption to live warehouse product flows, unlike ERP systems whose inventory cycle counting is limited by more restrictive system rules. TouchCount can be customised to support company-

specific working practices and so is easy for warehouse operatives to use following minimal training. It runs on an existing browser so is quick to install, integrated or standalone.

TouchPath  01422 399530 

Wieland Electric has added

three new input modules to its samos® PRO COMPACT safety

controller for reliable analogue value processing

The new Kistler KiDAQ data acquisition system is unique


he modular design of the new KiDAQ from Kistler Instruments makes unlimited channels and

distributed systems a reality whatever the application; industrial, laboratory, permanent installations and mobile. Engineers now have everything needed to complete any measuring task: a single integrated system that can be flexibly expanded at any time with additional measurement modules and units. The new data acquisition system can be configured to

suit any application with a choice of portable and 19 inch rack housings that can accommodate up to 13 measurement modules each, and DIN Rail modules for industrial installations with any number of measurement modules and other components of a system. This flexibility allows users to configure a data acquisition system that best meets to their current needs. Using components from Kistler’s hardware, software and sensor portfolios means that, as needs change, the original system can be adapted and extended by reconfiguring the existing modules and adding others as needed.

Kistler  01256 741550   I

n many applications it is essential that analogue variables such as pressure, flow, and temperature are

monitored in order to ensure safe automation so Wieland Electric has added three new input modules for analogue signals to it’s samos® PRO COMPACT safety controller. With three new input modules, SP-SAC, SP-SAR4, and SP- SACR22, Wieland has made it possible to reliably detect and further process analogue signals aswell. The new modules support sensors with a 0/4-20mA

interface as well as temperature-dependent resistors like Pt/Ni sensors and deliver their analog data to the samos® PRO COMPACT safety controller. The analog values can be monitored with the new and reliable “Limit”, “Range”, “Relation”, and “Difference” function blocks in user programs created with the license-free programming software samos® PLAN 6. These efficient function blocks enable comparative or arithmetic operations involving analogue data as well as scaling of the measured current values, and the presentation and visualization of the analogue values in samos® PLAN 6.

Wieland Electric  01483 531213 

From simple to complex

New sensors and switches portfolio for food, beverage and automation


ith the launch of its new low cost high specification VEGABAR pressure switch/sensor and VEGAPOINT

level switches, it enables VEGA to help customers in even more areas in the food and beverage production processes. This brand new compact instrument series is perfectly tailored to the standard applications that still require high quality and strict hygiene. The new level and pressure devices have a universal

adapter system of process fittings that provide the flexibility needed to keep installation and spares inventory costs low. A unique ultra-bright, eye-catching, 360° illuminated status display ring ensures visibility, safety and process reliability. Its status colours can be custom-selected easily seen from any direction – even in bright daylight. Some of the new pressure switch/sensors feature displays and keypads with dual easy-read text and VDMA menu, ensuring the right set up every time and easy understanding of pressure measurement or switch status.

VEGA  01444 870055 

Automation | December/January 2020 35

wide for its accurate and repeatable processing and is widely specified as a stand-alone machine for precision pressing, joining, sizing, deep-drawing, fastening, calibrating, bending, clinching, embossing, stamping, straightening and riveting. Now this concept has been further developed to

provide systems’ designers and machine builders with a highly flexible servo press module that can be integrated into manual workstations and automatic assembly lines. These new aiPRESS JM modules are available in the

UK from RARUK Automation in three sizes with press forces of 3kN, 15kN and 36kN and strokes of 75mm, 125mm and 175mm respectively. Maximum speed is 150mm per second and repeat accuracy, <0.002mm.

RA Rodriguez  01462 670 044  

Tecan unveils Cavro® Magni Flex for next generation automated liquid handling development


ecan has launched the modular and scalable Cavro® Magni Flex OEM robotic liquid handling instrument

development platform. Offering the flexibility and functionality to quickly and easily create innovative platforms for virtually any life sciences application, this system provides the core robotic architecture for the development of complete automation solutions. The platform’s liquid handling arm is available with a

choice of two, four or eight independent pipetting channels, offers variable tip spacing capabilities, and can act as both a pipettor and gripper. The highly configurable workdeck and broad choice of carriers, cutouts and custom grids to accommodate a wide range of labware formats and devices. Supplied with Tecan’s MAPlinx™ development software kit, the Cavro Magni Flex aims to accelerate instrument development and time to market. To learn more about Tecan’s Magni Flex, visit development-platform

Tecan  0118 930 0300

nlike other brands of servo press, the IEF Werner aiPRESS from RARUK Automation features a torsion-

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