world’s smallest Transit Time Sensor, namely the WinTec P1KY001, is distinguished by its minimal housing size (22 x 32 x 12 mm) and an enormous working range of 1000 mm. Equipped with wenglor’s legendary interference-free technology (WinTec) which permits interference-free detection of black or glossy objects even at extremely inclined angles, wenglor is once again laying claim to technology leadership in the field of Photoelectronic Sensors with this new product. Despite its extremely small size, the new P1KY001 Transit Time Sensor includes numerous capabilities which permit use in complex automation applications.

Transit Time Sensor W

For example, the high-performance triple-dot laser diode (laser class 1) even detects black and glossy objects with unsurpassed precision at a switching frequency of1000 Hz.

wenglor sensoric Ltd u 01536 313580


here checking for presence and position monitoring in tight spaces are concerned, the

he use of automation technology continues to grow, with sensors, actuators and controllers ensuring ever more efficient machinery processes. With this in mind, Wieland’s saris M8/M12 connector range has been expanded to form a connector system for use with sensors and actuators, with or without fieldbus and suitable for network technology. The standard components of saris make it suitable for wiring small functional units or installing entire systems and for decentralized field installation between a PLC and sensors or actuators, making saris the ideal solution. Wieland’s robust saris M8/M12 connector system makes decentralized installation child‘s play, with the installation effort significantly reduced by replacing cables laid in parallel with just one single main cable. The connectors are available in straight or angled design and with or without LED, whilst a variety of additional cables are also available. In addition to the pre-assembled cables, either shielded or unshielded, valve connectors and a large number of distributors are included in the range.

Wieland’s saris M8/M12 connector range T

Wieland Electric Ltd u 01483 531213 u

Rugged Set Point Station A

new BEKA ATEX & IECEx certified intrinsically safe rugged panel mounting Set Point Station [set point generator], enables the current flowing in a 4/20mA loop to be manually adjusted from within a hazardous area. Housed in a 316 stainless steel enclosure, this new instrument may be safely installed in an Ex e, Ex p, Ex n or Ex t panel enclosure without invalidating the enclosure's certification allowing easy integration with plant control equipment. The instrument is loop powered and displays the process variable represented by the 4/20mA signal in engineering units on an 11mm high display. Frequently used values may be entered as pre-sets. A display backlight, which may be loop or separately powered is available as a factory fitted option.

For general purpose

applications, the complementary BA647E-SS is a noncertified version, the stainless steel enclosure and impact-resistant armoured glass window make it ideal for installation in severe environments.

BEKA associates Ltd u 01462 438301 u

EyeVision MCT 3D W

ith the MCT3D (Metric Calibration Tool) EVT is presenting a calibration tool for 3D scanner. The

tool is available not only for the EyeVision 3D programming software, but also as stand-alone Lib, which can be integrated into a C++ application. When using the MCT3D with the EyeVision software, the calibration function is integrated into the image capture layer EVHD VIC 3D (EyeVision


Hardware Devide). It is therefore easy to generate calibration values with the calibration tool. And the important benefit is that all point clouds are calibrated when the image is captured.

Alternatively with the calibration tool it is possible to transfer the calibration data to the EVT MCT3D. And

the library is available for operating systems such as Windows and Linux, for x86 and ARM platforms alike. EVT

u +49721 626905-82

Panduit IntraVUE™ Software Provides Real-Time Visibility

TINLEY PARK, IL (December 14, 2015) – Panduit Corp. announces a

new release of IntraVUE™ software, an industrial network visualization and analytics software. This release narrows the scope of problem detection by allowing the user to establish custom key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide managers with real-time visibility into critical plant network infrastructure, improving uptime and performance.

IntraVUE™ software addresses the challenges unique to industrial environments, providing visibility into all levels of devices and connectivity, and enabling operational field technicians to efficiently communicate with IT resources. IntraVUE™ software also helps to speed both documentation and deployment, with advanced analytics to optimize ongoing performance. According to Mark Fondl, Director of Business Development, “Armed with this information, IntraVUE™ software empowers controls professionals to shift to a proactive approach, as opposed to a reactive response approach, responding only when a disruption occurs. This can greatly improve both the uptime and performance of these critical, real-time networks.”

Panduit u 0208 6017306 u /AUTOMATION u P

PCB Piezotronics reduces pricing

CB Piezotronics has announced reduced pricing for its high quality shear mode industrial accelerometers with units starting at just £99 and delivery available in 5 days.

Ideal for permanent installations and continuous online monitoring systems, model 603C01 is an industrial ceramic shear mode ICP® accelerometer offering 100mV/g from 0.5 to 10 kHz and at £99 is highly competitive. Offering customers superior measurement stability compared with more basic compression mode devices and available from stock, the 603C01 occupies a smaller footprint and lower mass with hermetically-sealed,


stainless steel housing and high premium quality 2- pin MIL output connector.

PCB’s 603C01 is just one model from a very diverse and versatile family of industrial accelerometers that includes alternative sensitivity, hazardous area approvals and integral cable types.

PCB Piezotronics u 01462 429710 u


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