Driving forward solar innovation with BMW

When automobile manufacturer BMW wanted to cut its carbon footprint by increasing its use of self-generated renewable power, EvoEnergy provided the tailor-made solution


s part of what is now one of the largest roof mounted solar installations in the UK, 11,500,

260W solar PV panels have been installed on top of the German firm’s MINI production plant in Oxford. The 3MWp array, which covers 20,000 square

metres, is now generating as much clean, green energy as is needed to power 850 homes - supplying power to the recently opened body shop production line where more than 1,000 robots are in operation building new MINI hatchback cars. The sheer size of the job and the tight schedule

involved presented EvoEnergy with big challenges to overcome from the very start. The company’s project team had just a week and a half to mobilise and prepare ahead of the start date. Detailed site surveys were required, management and construction plans had to be drawn up, and materials which often require long lead times had to be ordered and delivered from third party suppliers at short notice. Thanks to EvoEnergy’s longstanding supply chain relationships and the large quantities involved, work began on time in February and was completed, ahead of schedule, before the end of May 2015. At least a dozen installers were on site

every day over the three months to ensure that each project deadline was met. They made sure that the first MW - around 4,000 panels - was fitted and up and running in just five weeks, two weeks faster than normal. However, there wasn’t just a need for speed. Ensuring that the roof wasn’t overloaded by so many panels required a new way of thinking, as EvoEnergy’s projects director Michael Sailsbury explains. “We knew it could be done, but it required a construction method far removed from your standard domestic or commercial installation. We opted for 24,000 aerodynamic solion frames, which interlock like building blocks underneath the PV, to provide the ballast-free solution that was needed. “Now fully tested by DNO and the FSE, BMW’s

finished array is a prime example of a business making good use of a space that was previously left empty, for the benefit of their operations and the environment.” The BMW plant was one of the first businesses to

sign up to the Low Carbon Oxford Charter, an agreement which aims to reduce the city’s carbon footprint by 30 per cent by 2020. The site’s solar array is its latest environmental addition after LED lights and water harvesting, and was launched during the inaugural ‘Low Carbon Oxford Week’. Designed and installed by EvoEnergy, the solar PV system is owned and operated by Addison Energy Limited – a company funded by Guinness Asset Management’s EIS service – through a 20 year Power Purchase Agreement with BMW Mini. EvoEnergy is one of the UK’s leading independent

solar PV installers, with six offices around the UK. EvoEnergy T: 0800 9870121

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Firm advises Government on biomass future A

North East biomass energy specialist has advised the UK Government on the future costs of biomass in a mass market as part of a growing demand for its

expert consultancy services. Alnwick-based re:heat was approached by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to provide expert analysis of the likely future costs of installing and running biomass wood-burning heating in the UK. The report ‘Potential Cost Reductions for Biomass Heating Installations’ - produced

with Glasgow-based renewable energy consultant, Steve Luker Associates - will help guide Government thinking on renewables sector costs at a time when energy and its affordability tops the political agenda. re:heat provides advice about the latest heat saving biomass technologies and has seen the amount of

consultancy work it undertakes treble in the last year. re:heat was founded in 2011 by Neil Harrison and Ben Tansey to assist businesses of all sizes convert from fossil fuels to sustainable, low carbon wood fuel heating systems. The firm’s team of experts can help clients with buying a boiler, designing systems, fuel supply logistics and material handling, fault-finding and problem resolution, and specialist training.

re:heat T: 01665 665040 /AUTOMATION

 +44 (0)161 974 3250

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