irBench Ltd have announced an upgraded range of AOF Oil Mist Filters. The AOF range is designed for extraction of oil mist and smoke from machining applications. AOF units can be machine-mounted, or supplied with separate stands where required.


AOF is designed to use the wind shear principle for initial separation of mist from airstreams. As the

contaminant loading on the fan is very low, typically they do not suffer from loss of impeller balance and so can be serviced in-house at relatively long intervals.

Units are supplied as standard with a high-grade final filter with an estimated life of up to 3600 working hours. Usually available from stock, and supplied complete with all parts required for mechanical installation, AirBench can solve most mis t

A r ench Airi Bench Ltd  01206 791191 

We are unable to identify the owner of this valve for confidentiality reasons. However, we are able to say that a project manager at the company thought that the valve might just have some life left and got in touch with DMN UK’s Service Team.


As the ‘before’ photograph shows, the valve, an original Westinghouse GS200 blowing seal which is over twenty years old, was a mess. It was full of moisture and covered in muck and corrosion and some early-stage vegetation. But, with some time spent on cleaning, the Service Te bished and could provide the customer with a few more years.


DMN valves are built to last; contact us to see if we can give your valves a new lease of life !  01249 818400

Team began to realise that indeed, this old valve could be refur-

With the costs agreed, the Service Team got to work. After some machine work, replacement parts, a lot of clean- ing and a new coat of paint, the valve looks as good as when it was first supplied. The valve is now back on site and is ready for production.

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE saves life of ‘scrapped’ valve

his story is about a valve that had been replaced some years ago and had been consigned to the bin in readiness for its final journey to the scrap yard.

Radar : the better ultrasonic! Next generation com pact radar level sensors look destined to change

ew 80 GHz radar level sensors dedicated for the water and environmental sectors has been launched by VEGA. These 80 GHz-based sensors are priced to meet the commercial needs and applications in the sector with no compromise in capability. They use precision focusing to deliver accurate, reliable measurements, regardless of internal structures or prevailing conditions, such as temperature, weather, fouling and they have no blocking distance.


This sensor is small sized and loop-powered – available as a compact fixed (IP68) cable connection or with a housing and display. The FMCW-based VEGAPULS 80GHz instrument series has LPR approval and can measure liquids or solids up to 30m with fast start up for battery power (SDI12 and Modbus) The range has optional new VEGAMET 800 series field controllers for level, flow and pump control.


All sensors and controllers can be adjusted and viewed via Bluetooth with a free App on smartphone or tablet, to make setup and diagnostics easier, safer and faster, especially in harsh environments or in hazardous areas. Find out more and book a demonstration or trial at :

New VEGA instrument series is competitively priced against legacy technologies. It contact measurement in the water sector.

VE 4 4 44 VEGA NO MB NOVEMBER 201 2019 | PROCESS PROCESS & CO CONTRO ROL features compact radars and optional field controllers, and looks set to revolutionise non  01444 870055 CONNECTIN G DNI CONNECTING USTRY.  Y.CO M/P OCESS&CONT OL /PROCESS&CONTRO L level measurement in the water and wastewater industrie s

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