Non-Contact Speed and LengthMeasurement

he new, smart and uniquely compact Laser Doppler Speed and Length Sensor - SL and SLR that sets new standards in non-contact speed and length measurement of moving objects and materials in industrial applications. Designed to replace cumbersome, inaccurate and high- wear contact wheel encoders that are prone to excessive measurement errors due to slippage, vibration, wear and dirt, resulting in product give-away and quality issues. The non-contact laser technology provides an industry leading accuracy of +/-0.05% without need to ever re-calibrate due to wear. The internal measurement rate is 200kHz with one microseconds.


Communication is via Ethernet, measurement output every 20

RS-232, Wifi or bus options.

Plus a complete range of installation accessories including anti-vibration mounts, display units, temperature and dust control. Full technical support on the sensor and laser safety is available from TTS Systems. So, if you have a speed or length measurement application contact us - 01233 624422 or

To Total Te Tension Solutions Ltd  01233 624422 

Hydra-Cell® High Horsepower Pumps achieve ATEX, Zone 1 Certification


anner’s Hydra-Cell® T100 & Q155 Series high horsepower pumps have achieved ATEX certification 2014/34/EU Zone 1 for use within industrial environments where flammable gases could be present.

The ATEX type certification stipulates conditions: Group II (Zone 1) Category 2G (Gasses), gas group IIC (IIA and IIB plus hydrogen and acetylene) and T5…T4 process temperature classification (less than or equal to 49°C and 82°C respectively).

In line with the ATEX recommendation, these pumps have no aluminium external parts, removing the risk of creating a thermite reaction with its potentially catastrophic consequences.

Essential health and safety requirements have been assured by compliance with standards: EN 80079-36:2016 and EN 80079-37:2016, whereby ignition hazards are eliminated by ‘constructional safety’ and ‘control of ignition source’.

The ATEX nameplate is fixed to the pump housing displaying the markings of conformity to prove the pump is fi t for purpose in these high-risk operating environ ments .

The pumps have also been certified to ISO EN80079, the global ISO standard. Wanner customers throughout the world can be assured of the Company’s appreciation of international standards harmonization and its commitment to ens uring the safety of pump operators workin g within these high-risk environments, globally.

Wa Wanner

 +44 (0)1252 816847 

KOBOLD’s latestMIMelectromagnetic flowmeters

production; if conductive media such as cooling water is added to a process, magnetic-inductive flow meters are usually installed for monitoring purposes, particularly in the context of dosing where the measuring flow meters must possess precise response times, and should also be easy to configure,


otherwise incorrect dosing or insufficient repeatability will occur.

Although there are already many

accurate devices for small and medium flow rates in the market place, they are often limited in functionality or lack flexibility at the instalation stage. KOBOLD provides these features as standard with its flowmeter duo, models MIM and MIS.

Due to the extensive options for on- site programming, these instruments are suitable for cross-industry use,

particularly for dosing applications. Configurable optical buttons can be used to display parameters such as flow rates or temperatures. A chan ging colour system in the display also warns of limit violations. Since the MIM model is the first variant produced in a remote version, in which the display and electronics are not integrated in the sensor unit, the flow meter can be used for media temperatures up to +140 ° C.

For reference, `Magnetic-inductive‘ flow meters work without moving parts, unlike rotating vane flow meters, and for this reason they can be used in a wider range of applications, and are very resistant to wear. As a result, these devices have proven to be effective in measuring the flow of conductive media such as water, pulps and pastes, juices, and emulsions.


Worldwide uniqu e flowmeter combining IO-Link with remote version design e in the pharmaceutical industry,

in water treatment or in food

FlowMeasurement in F1 Racing Cars


fans and therefore need to reliably test bench. Formula 1 engines typic to monitor the oil flow lubricating i performance engine company also

excess of 200°C.

Measuring the high flow of coolant water at these ele- vated temperatures, without causing an undue pressure drop in the system, is another example of an automotive flow measurement development undertaken by Titan.

Using the inherent very low pressure drop of their Oval gear flow meter design – Titan produced a 200°C, 50 L/minute flow meter with a pressure drop of less than 100mBar to solve this challenging application.


Tiitan Enterprises  01935 812790

PR CES ses  PROCESS & CONTR OL | NOVEMBER 201 NO 2019 41 4 1

igh pressure flowmeters from Titan Enterprises have, over the last decade, been widely used in the hydraulic test systems of F1 racing cars to measure fluid flow. A high- uses Titan flow meters ts turbo units on the

run at temperatures in ally have no cooling

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