TECHNOLOGY IN ACT insight into products from experts.

Kistler Instruments kicked off the demonstrations with their brand new data acquisition system - KiDAQ. KiDAQ allows you to create your test set-up, perform measurements and achieve accurate test results.

Marco Peres lead another exciting demonstration on PCB’s latest USB signal conditioner. He performed vibration tests usin demonstrated how the signal conditioner can be use

d to collect data g a shaker and

on a smartphone or tablet - making it an easy-to-use, portable test solution.

Powelectric presented their new Metron4 IoT telemetry device. With innovative hardware, four analogue inputs, expansion cards for pulse counting,options for RS232 RS485 and CANBUS Me tron4 makes remo te monitoring simple.


Top Hex returned to exhibit at Sensors & Instrumentation Live for a third successful year in 2019. The Top Hex team showcased communication protocol from FieldComm Group. Top Hex’s & Noémi Fechete commented on the exhibition: “It’s great t ple and to build contacts and network. Whether it is meeting people you have never heard of, interacting with suppliers and even learning more about competitors – it is a great opportunity to forge new con- nections.”

o meet peo- Gary Weston the HART


Powelectric’s Jennifer Mortiboy explained more about the product: “Metron4 is based on the same proven proven technology of our Metron2 telemetry hardware, but this one now uses 4G as well. So in countries such as the US and Australia, where the 2G network has been closed down, our old product wouldn’t have worked, but now we can embrace a truly global deployment.”

With market-leading companies and a host of live features, there are lots of reasons to visit the event, as a delegate from Load Monitoring Systems explained while attending the 2019 edition of the exhibition: “It is really good for picking up new technology. As you can imagine, it is always a priority to look for new applications and this is the perfect platform to look out for something bett” A representative from Seaspeed Marine Consultant also commented: “It is a great opportunity to meet companies that I didn’t know that are potentially useful to ou r needs. It is an eye-openi ng show. ”

Seminars and demonst ration s Se st

Features for the 2020 exhibition will be announced soon on the Sensors & Instrumentation Live website. To give an idea of what will be in store, the 2019 event saw a comprehensive schedule of seminars in the Engineering Symposium and Enterprise Hub, as well as demonstrations in Innovation in Action. The Engineering Symposium saw the exhibition teaming up with DJB Instruments for the first time to present CPD- accredited training to help delegates develop their understanding of sensors and instruments to improve the quality of data. The training was driven by sensor innovation and the very latest in engineering.

DJB brought together a team of speakers from leading technology and engineering companies from around the world. TTS Systems’ John Tyrrell spoke about “Strain Gauge Load Cells – the basics of use...”. Centrateq’s Jim Flanagan gave the seminar “Accelerometers, The Truth and more...”Other speakers included Ben Haest, Quality Electronics Design, Dr James Flint, senior lecturer in Wireless Systems Engineering, Loughborough University and head of the Communications Research Division and The Modal Shop’s Marco Peres.

The 2019 exhibition’s Enterprise Hub saw representatives from some of the UK’s top organisa tions and institutions come along to talk about topics that could help visitors to grow their business from the experts. Topics included funding opportunities, the Internet of Things, cyber security and how to access top technology.

Another feature area at the 2019 exhibition was the Innovation In Action demonstration zone. Sponsored by PCB Piezotronics, Innovation in Action provided a truly unique way for visitors to gain a better


AquaConnex’s Keith Jones closed the Innovation in Action demon - strations by showcasing Evolution II. Jones reviewed ments of the system, the manner in which its intellig

ent sensor inter- the basic ele-

faces control data and alarm limits, future system developments and data handling.

The ever-popular Innovation Showcase, sponsored by Bronkhorst, returned to Sensors & Instrumentation Live 2019. With so much to be seen on the lively exhibition floor, the Innovation Showcase provided a ‘snapshot’ of what was on offer.

r. Products on display at the 2019 exhibi-

tion included Keller’s LEO Record and Mantracourt’s Bluetooth Telemetry Transmitter.r. Bronkhorst also displayed it s Mini CORI-FLOW, EL FLOW Prestige and ES-FLOW.

Features for the 2020 edition of Sensors & Instrumentation Live will soon be announced on the exhibition’s website so keep an eye out for updates at Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about exhibiting at the event, please contact event director Louise Pudney (




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