To feature in What’s New, call Claire Rixon on 01622 699198 TOTEM CHP official launch at Italian Embassy A A

dveco Ltd will be presenting the official UK launch of the TOTEM m‐CHP at an upcoming event at the Italian Embassy in London on the

6th July 2017. The TOTEM is the first in a new generation of high quality m‐CHP. With the highest cogeneration efficiencies and lowest emissions of any unit in its class, it delivers unparalleled benefit to building designers looking to meet and exceed the requirements of Part L or earn BREEAM points. With CO and NOX emissions less than 10mg/Nm3,

the TOTEM launch provides designers with the option to support decentralised energy schemes without any impact to local air quality.

Adveco Ltd. is the sister company to Adveco (AWP)

Ltd., who has over 45 years of experience in the UK trading as A.O. Smith Water Heaters. With an expansive product offering, including exclusive UK distribution of the TOTEM, Adveco serve as a single supplier for bespoke hot water and heating systems including complete plantrooms. The official UK launch of the TOTEM will

commence at 5:00PM on July 6th at the Italian Embassy in London. For more information or to book your place at a landmark event in renewable building design, please contact Adveco on 01251 551 540 or email AmbiRad Secures its 1000th Nor‐Ray‐Vac Sports Installation

mbiRad, part of Nortek Global HVAC (UK) Ltd is celebrating securing its 1000th Nor‐Ray‐Vac system at Reeds

School for the new Jarrett Indoor Cricket centre in Cobham, Surrey. Working in conjunction with Sports Clubhouses and SGE Services Ltd AmbiRad will provide a radiant heat sports hall solution for the indoor cricket centre in Surrey, which consists of five training cricket wickets in the sports hall with six changing rooms, reception space and toilets to the ground floor. Located on the first floor are two viewing galleries and an external balcony space, which boasts views over the sports field. The building will be constructed using a timber frame principle with large glulam beams sweeping across the hall, providing an exposed timber look and feel internally. ECB approved cricket netting and flooring will be included with significant lux lighting and a Nor‐ Ray‐Vac radiant tube system. Radiant tube heating’s big advantage is that

air remains relatively cool and conducive for active sports. Air does absorb some of the heat given off by people and the building fabric at low level, but it is not heated directly so the occupants are comfortable. If they should feel too warm, the close control possible with radiant tube heating means that

for Reeds School but for it to be our 1000th Nor‐Ray‐Vac sports hall project.” Andrew Macdonald, Director at Sports Clubhouses commented “We are really excited to be working with Nortek on this prestigious and groundbreaking project at Reed’s School. The radiant heating, situated in the cricket hall, will provide an extremely elegant and efficient heating solution within the building’s showpiece element.” AmbiRad are one of the UK’s leading HVAC

temperatures reduce immediately once the system is turned down or switched off. A Nor‐Ray‐Vac system will be installed

consisting of 3 x 32kW burners arranged in one zone feeding into a manifold and discharging the products of combustion to atmosphere via a vacuum fan located externally remote from the playing environment. The radiant branches were co‐ordinated with both the lighting design and the arrangement of the cricket netting. The Nor‐Ray‐Vac system design layout provides blanket heat coverage of the sports facility, eliminating any cold spots. Nick Winton, divisional manager for AmbiRad commented “We are delighted to be involved with this project, not only to have provided an excellent radiant heating solution

providers and have delivered ideal solutions for clients for decades, the first Nor‐Ray‐Vac sports hall project to be completed was for Mountain Ash School in Mid Glamorgan back in 1993. The project consisted of a sports hall heated by 6 Nor‐Ray‐Vac burners and one discharge fan. The Nor‐Ray‐Vac product has been developed and refined several times since then as AmbiRad has a continuous development policy. The current Nor‐Ray‐Vac system can be designed to be ETL compliant, so qualifying for the ECA scheme, an upfront tax relief enabling businesses that invest in energy‐saving equipment to claim 100% first‐ year capital allowances against their taxable profits. The system has also been developed so that it can be modulated down to 50% of full load, thus increasing the overall efficiency, comfort and economy for the user.

WHAT’S NEW BSEE Toshiba’s new online air

conditioning commissioning and warranty platform breaks new ground

commissioning and warranty system which it believes will revolutionise the management of air conditioning warranty claims. The tool delivers significant cost and time benefits to end users, installers and service companies. It also gives end users instant access to key F‐Gas charge data for


plant and equipment on their estates, centralising record keeping and assisting legal compliance. The system is being rolled‐out in a phased programme over the

coming year, beginning with national accounts linked to relevant installers. Administered by Toshiba, customers and installers can log onto the

system from a smart phone, tablet or PC and access comprehensive data on installed equipment, at individual plant or building level, up to a national estate. Toshiba’s Vince Rodgers, who is heading up the initiative, says:

“Toshiba has led the industry with the first seven‐year warranty. Now the online system provides a powerful new way of managing and implementing claims, and sourcing and ordering any related spare‐parts required.”

He added: “Managing

warranties is a complex business, due to the need for accurate and timely information in order to respond quickly, particularly when buildings require immediate attention to keep them operating. The new system brings all the relevant data together in one place, instantly accessible by all key parties, to enable a quick and right‐first‐ time solution – to resolve problems quickly and effectively.” Information stored includes equipment installation dates, models and

spare part data, commissioning records, engineers involved at each stage, training records, sites and locations, service history and F‐Gas charge data. The system automatically tracks and cross references engineers’

training records, logging attendance on courses and CPDs, to ensure that competence and skill levels required under the warranty terms are met. For contractors, as detailed spare parts information is held, it enables

renowned for its high standard of service and quality food. Due to numerous issues with the


existing aged heating and hot water plant the decision was taken in 2016 to introduce new Mikrofill condensing boilers and HWS loading cylinders to suit both the current demand and a future 18 bedroom extension. 2No Ethos 110kW stainless steel

The Old Palace Lodge, Dunstable

ituated in the heart of the historic town of Dunstable, the Old Palace Lodge hotel is

condensing boilers now provide LPHW to VT circuits and primary load to 2No Extreme hot water loading cylinders. The boilers have a collective modulation of 20 : 1 (220 > 11kW), integral shunt pumps and a seasonal efficiency in excess of 95%. The loading cylinders, serving the kitchen and accommodation areas can produce over 2000 l/hr at 60⁰C on a continuous basis whilst maximising the condensing boilers operating efficiency.

On top of the gas, energy and C02 benefits, the new mains fed hot water generators have also helped reduce the risk of legionella, as the previous hot water system was based on tank fed storage calorifiers that were over‐sized to meet maximum demand. The project was designed by leading building services consultant VSRW Ltd and comprehensively installed by Dunstable based mechanical contractor HeatTreat Plumbing and Heating.

For more information on these and other Mikrofill products please contact the sales team on 03452 606020 or visit Panasonic dials up the energy savings in student loans company call centre W

hen Capita, the business process management and outsourcing giant,

decided to establish their new call centre in the Lingfield Point business park, it was important sustainability play a key role in the refurbishment. This included the heating and cooling system, for which M&E consultants, Quinnross specified an energy efficient Panasonic system with advanced control technology. Lingfield Point serves as a centre of business and innovation in the

North West. Capita opted to convert one of the original large warehouses to a modern, high‐ tech call centre accommodating 500 staff. Quinnross had already installed a GHP system in another project at Lingfield Point with great success, so when it came to designing a heating and cooling system for the Capita call centre, the choice was


easy. Working with distributor ESS, Quinnross specified the Panasonic ECO G 3 way system, which would take advantage of the abundant gas supply on the site,

and is renowned for its energy efficiency and ease of installation. “We completed a fantastic

project with the Panasonic GHP system a few years ago and, with

Capita’s focus on sustainability, we thought this was a great opportunity to use the technology again,” says Derek Quinlan of Quinnross. “Panasonic’s ECO G gas heat pump really ticks all the boxes for us, it’s easy to install, very powerful and is also really efficient.” Panasonic’s intelligent touch

screen controller, the CZ‐ 256ESMC2, was also installed to interface with the site’s BMS.

rapid ordering of replacement components in the event of a service requirement or repair. For approved warranty claims, parts are supplied free of charge with a realistic real‐time credit given for labour. The system will be used to log all projects involving Toshiba equipment qualifying for the seven year enhanced warranty, subject to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions, regardless of the level of installer purchases. The system will be phased in to include all seven‐year enhanced

warranty direct sales installations, and then progressively offered to installer customers of Toshiba distributors qualifying for the seven year enhanced warranty. David Dunn (pictured), Director and General Manager of Toshiba and

CIAT Ozonair, said: “It is not rocket science, but maintaining accurate records and making them available to the people who need them, when they need them, is absolutely essential to an effective warranty claims system. “We believe the new

Toshiba systems will dramatically reduce the time it takes to process warranty claims, and streamline the whole process for everyone. The result will be happier customers, more comfortable and productive buildings, and, due to the incentive to update training, more skillful and competent engineers. It offers a real win‐win for everyone concerned.” BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER JUNE 2017 35

oshiba has developed a new online

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