eading multi‐specialist engineering contractor ECEX is launching an air handling unit (AHU) refurbishment and repair service designed to

extend the lifespan of existing AHUs, increase their operating efficiency, save energy, boost performance, and typically reduce running costs. The company's Managing Director John

Grenville said: "Complete replacement of an AHU is not always the best option. There are many compelling reasons to choose refurbishment and repair. "For example, in many cases it is less

expensive than replacing an AHU and offers the opportunity to upgrade the existing specification by taking advantage of the latest energy efficient EC plug fans and components.

by increasing installation flexibility, reduces downtime, overcomes the transport and access difficulties associated with replacing a unit, and is more environmentally friendly because it re‐uses existing equipment. "Furthermore, repair or

refurbishment can extend the service life of an AHU, it leaves existing services such as ductwork, pipework and wiring unaltered, and it can dramatically reduce energy consumption." The ECEX service covers the repair and replacement of all types of coils, belt drives,

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other key features such as speed of installation, lighting and ventilation control can make significant cost savings. Robust, reliable and completely scalable it’s


suitable to applications such as hospitals, shopping centres, leisure facilities and hotels. Each parking bay is fitted with an ultrasonic sensor which will detect if the space is available therefore providing precise information to the exact number of available parking spaces and disabled bays as well as any reserved spaces. Displays using directional arrows and digits quickly guide the driver using the shortest route. A ceiling mounted 45° ultrasonic sensor mounted

at the entry of each space detects a vehicles presence and transmits precise information of the exact number of available parking spaces and disabled bays as well as any reserved spaces to displays situated around the area to indicate how many and where the spaces there are. Monitoring of lighting, ventilation, CO2 levels and

movement detectors are also possible with seamless integration into the BMS using BACnet is possible while DALI master or relays for lighting control allowing lighting to be dimmed or turned off whilst the use of I/O modules for ventilation fans can significantly reduce costs

New car park guidance system

arlo Gavazzi delivers an innovative Car Park Guidance solution to reduce the stress and time taken for users to find vacant space; whilst

Slim, bright and powerful

reenBrook’s new Lynx Range of LED Slimline Floodlights offers a high quality finish with an elegant design die cast body

and tempered glass. The range consists of 10W – 100W fittings in black or white, with or without PIR – all with a beam angle of 120° and a lumen output of 100lm/W all rated IP65 and ideal for installation in both domestic and commercial properties. For maximum electrical safety the electronics inside have been encapsulated for additional protection Manufactured with an LED array instead of a single chip allowing the powerful light to spread and appear less intense to the eye. Also fitted with cooling fins to assist heat dissipation and increase the life expectancy of the product. Easy to install and an ideal low energy alternative to a Xenon flood – these sleek fittings

have a mounting bracket that allows the product to rotate 360° so it can be positioned easily at the required angle. Peter Ratcliffe, Sales Director, said “This unit of one of the best quality I have seen on the

market – a really nice design that looks and performs high‐end without breaking the bank”. Available now from all good wholesalers. R Rinnai system thinking for gyms

innai has developed a new and innovative concept of economical and efficient hot water delivery specifically for gyms and fitness centres – bringing together all the components of a system in one bespoke pack for any operation, large or small, local and national. Rinnai recently supplied a growing High

Street gym estate with a custom‐built ‘gym pack’ that includes everything from design to delivery of a complete hot water system in one easy to install, fully specified and energy efficient ‘pack’ delivered direct to site. The site has reported excellent results from

the systems which have been installed in multiple sites over the UK, with more rolling out over the next couple of years. Says Rinnai’s Chris Goggin, “Simply supplying

a water heater unit (or multiple units) has become an antiquated notion that simply is not good enough. ‘System’ thinking, where we deliver to site the complete package, is what is

Get your pumps health checked

prone to failure that can adversely affect your business and your maintenance budget. By replacing them with new, energy‐ efficient pumps, you get reliable, low‐cost pump operation. This is what a large office building in central London did when they replaced obsolete


lder pumps not only consume too much energy, they are also

pumps with new, energy‐efficient models following a Grundfos Energy Check. The pumps now operate to meet the actual demand, and the new pumps are delivering a saving 318,000 kWh per year after they followed through on recommendations they received having undertaken a Grundfos Energy Check. This amounts to a massive saving of £30k p.a., a large reduction in CO2 emissions and a payback of just 2.8 years. Grundfos are typically

able to achieve savings of 30‐50% for customers with an Energy Check. As they point the way towards the optimal pump replacement that provide great energy savings. In addition, you will achieve reliable operation, reduced downtime and reduced repair costs. The result: greatly improved system reliability. Visit: V

website. The redesigned website delivers an easy to navigate user experience with clearly defined areas for homeowners and installers, in addition to a section dedicated to commercial products. The face lift forms part of a strategic rebrand for the UK division of Sime with the aim of increasing awareness of Sime boilers within the UK market. Sime has also recently rolled out new look domestic marketing literature including brochures, price lists and posters which are currently being distributed to merchants across the country.

I Commenting on the new website, Sime General Manager 34 BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER JUNE 2017 Sime’s website has a new look!

ntelligent heating and hot water solutions provider Sime Ltd has completely redeveloped its

Massimo Bizzotto said: “We are very pleased with how the new website looks, we feel it truly embodies who we are as a brand. Sime has been manufacturing advanced heating and hot water solutions for over 40 years and we have a proven global reputation for quality, reliability, performance and efficiency and this is what we wanted to demonstrate with the new site. Our marketing strategy for 2017 is focused on increasing awareness of Sime boilers the UK. Our new website and new look marketing literature are being rolled out in conjunction with increased media activity and a series of regular merchant events and training days featuring our new Sime demonstration vans.”

going to give the gym chain the edge over the competition. The Rinnai system virtually guarantees endless amounts of hot water at useable temperatures, all on demand” Rinnai’s total gym solution includes water

heaters, flues, scale protection, unvented cylinders, valves, prefabrication racks, advanced BMS controls – even water sampling equipment – specified, designed and delivered by Rinnai. For more details on RINNAI products visit

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ECEX offers new comprehensive service to extend AHU life "It also minimises disruption

motors, fans, bearings and spares. The new AHU refurbishment

and repair service joins ECEX's existing services, which include access safety and metalwork fabrication; mechanical engineering (from replacing pipework and valves to upgrading or downsizing water storage tanks); and energy saving and

building compliance solutions such as the revolutionary ECEX Air Intake Screen. Call ECEX on 01635 244100 for a free site visit,


Big news for the Grundfos Ecademy

rundfos have been running a successful on‐line

Ecademy since 2007 that has continued to gain in popularity. Until now the content has been mainly relevant to those plumbers/installers and merchants who are working in the domestic pump arena. Over the years we have added new elements and moved it to a new platform and today we are gearing up to launch this flexible learning platform to a new audience whose focus is on larger applications. This now means that consultants/specifiers as well as relevant distribution partners who work on larger type projects and applications will be able to get access a range of on‐line modules covering the following topics: uCommercial heating uMAGNA1

uMAGNA3 uWater boosting uAir conditioning uLife Cycle Costing. Each topic is broken down in

bite‐sized modules and a small gift is on offer for the successful completion of four modules (there is a short test at the end of each one). New subjects will be added later in the year. Get started on your learning

journey today by logging into:

Luceco’s Ice

uContemporary and stylish “Ice” transparent optic LED Luminaires from Luceco. u50,000 hours energy efficient operational life.

Luceco include Ice Linear and the decorative Ice Circular. Contemporary and stylish, Ice Linear is a transparent optic pendant luminaire providing both upward and downward light distribution. Supplied complete with adjustable wire suspensions, Ice Linear delivers an enhanced lit effect, the sleek transparent design complements modern interiors even when turned off. Ice Circular is an alternative


aesthetic luminaire for ambient lighting. Constructed with a transparent disc optic with a balanced forward & back light effect, Ice Circular is suitable for ceiling or wall mounting. Ice offers up to 50,000 hours operational life benefiting the

environment with high energy efficiency and no maintenance or re‐ lamping required throughout the lifetime of the luminaire. Viega launches new gas applicable Megapress system

iega, the global manufacturer of piping systems has introduced

Megapress G connectors to the UK market. Megapress G ‘cold’ pressed connectors have been tested and Kitemark approved for natural gas and liquid gas applications as well as for heating oil, diesel fuels, compressed air containing oil and technical gases. The Megapress carbon steel

press connection system from Viega offers a fast, effective alternative to traditional methods such as welding. The system is a highly effective cold applied pressing method that helps to reduce installation time by around 60%.

The Megapress G connectors now make it possible to quickly and effectively connect natural gas and liquid gas systems. Suitable for use with black, galvanised or painted steel pipe, the sealing element of the Megapress G connectors guarantee the required degree of sealing, even where the pipe surface is rough. This makes it

ideal for retrofit installations in older properties. The range includes over 100

connectors and like other products in the Megapress range, features the tested Viega SC‐Contur technology. This ensures that any connections that have remained unpressed can immediately be identified in a dry leakage test – reducing downtime and servicing costs. To find out more about Viega’s

full range of product solutions visit: VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

ecent additions to the LED commercial luminaire range from

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