Award‐winning smoke ventilation contractor Fire Design Solutions (FDS) has been appointed to provide its systems and expertise for a distinctive new London residential development, from Redrow Homes.

Harrow’s Lyon Square will feature over 300 one, two and three-bedroom luxury apartments with direct access to the City, plus a courtyard, underground parking and cycle store.

FDS will supply, install and commission Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems (MSVS) in eight blocks, ensuring that smoke can be quickly extracted from common areas in the event of a fire, providing a means of escape for occupants while also improving access for firefighters. The MSVS will incorporate a Corridor Environmental System, which will use the existing fans and shafts found in the mechanical systems to remove excess heat during day-to-day operation. To maximise resident comfort, the environmental system will operate at low speed overnight, and acoustic silencers will be fitted to the inlet and outlet of each smoke fan, ensuring that noise is minimised. The system will be monitored via an addressable Corridor Smoke Detection System, including optical smoke detectors, a central concierge panel and

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sprinkler monitoring, which will feature in two of the development’s blocks.

FDS will also supply, install and commission a Thrust Ventilation System for the development’s 3,330sq m single- level car parking area, including induction fans, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, fire detection systems and a control panel. As well as clearing smoke in the event of a fire, the induction fans will also operate when CO levels exceed 30 parts per million, ensuring the safety of the car park’s users.

Once work on site is complete, FDS will also ensure that the fire safety systems installed are maintained to the highest possible standard, carrying out two maintenance visits per year and providing a 24-hour call-out service. Simon Halfhide, Sales Director at Redrow Homes said: “Having worked with FDS in the past we’re confident in their abilities to maximise fire safety while also helping us to meet our design aims.” Gilberts grill(e)s new Ayreshire College

uAyreshire College’s new Kilmarnock Campus is benefiting from Gilberts’ air movement grilles and diffusers.

Stothers M&E, working on behalf of main contractor McLaughlin & Harvey, chose Gilberts’ DGA Type four-way diffusers and GSLS linear slot diffusers, to ensure adequate flow of fresh air throughout the four-storey main building of the new Ayreshire College Kilmarnock Campus. “Courses at the Campus range from construction to hair, beauty and art; the building even includes an NHS approved ward layout in the health department! The education provision is supported by appropriate infrastructure, with administrative areas, a sports hall and restaurant.

“That diversity of usage meant a complex strategy was needed to address the ventilation requirements, ranging from areas with a high air volume to rooms with potential high heat gain,” explained Stothers’ Gareth Hewitt. “Our solution was a mixture of natural ventilation, heat recovery with air handling units, and fan coils all integrated into a BMS. We knew Gilberts’ range of grilles and diffusers would integrate neatly into the building

fabric and the diverse ventilation systems, and they would deliver quality products, competitively priced. More than 1,000 Gilberts’ grilles have therefore been used throughout the new College.”

Gilberts’ DGA/4 louvred face ceiling diffusers provide four-way blow with a maximum cooling differential of 12°C through the ceiling, be it plasterboard or suspended. The GSLS slimline linear slot diffusers feature a unique air deflection control vane. The design enabled Stothers, via one core unit, to achieve smooth, accurate airflow horizontally or vertically, left or right, across the ceiling, and adjoin lengths as required, to the exact requirements of each area to be ventilated. Founded 55 years ago, Gilberts Blackpool is Britain’s leading independent air movement specialist, and is unique in its ability to develop components – be it ‘mainstream’ or bespoke – entirely in-house. Contact Gilberts on 01253 766911 or email:

Luceco has recently supplied LuxBay LED luminaires to sports hall facilities at The Cleeve Sports and Arts Centre in Cheltenham.

Ayrshire College’s new £50m plus Kilmarnock Campus has attained a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating – helped in part by air movement grilles and diffusers from Gilberts Blackpool. The grilles and diffusers are a key component of the ventilation strategy on the campus.

Financially healthy lighting for The Cleeve Sports and Arts Centre

Lighting in the main sports hall at The Cleeve Sports and Arts Centre in Cheltenham had reached the end of its economic life.

A key factor for Sean O’Reilly, Associate Building Services Consultant, from Integrated Architecture based in Gloucester, was to specify replacement lighting with low maintenance, energy efficient credentials, that could utalise the fixed positions of the old fittings, and would also provide significant cost savings throughout the lifetime of the luminaires. Installed by Mike Evans, EIS Midlands of Gloucestershire, LuxBay offered a cost-effective alternative to the existing traditionally lamped luminaires. Suitable for mounting up to 10 metres, the LuxBay boasts 105 Luminaire Lumens per watt, is environmentally friendly and requires no maintenance over its lifetime.

Mounting positions include surface, trunking or suspended and there are options of integrated

presence and daylight sensors for use with fixed output or DALI dimmable control gear. Variants include 100, 150 and 200 watts, all with either a wide or narrow clear lens, offering over 50,000 hours of operational life and integral emergency variants are also available as well as attachments including flat wired guards and polycarbonate clear diffusers.

The Cleeve Sports and Arts Centre offers a wide range of opportunities for the local community to participate in sport, health and leisure activities. The aim is to provide "Leisure for Life". Luceco’s aim is to provide the end user with energy saving, cost-effective LED lighting, a financially healthy choice for Cleeve Sports and Arts Centre. SWEP deliver heat exchangers to Oxford Westgate Shopping Centre

uSWEP has supplied 79 of its gasket‐ free brazed plate heat exchangers to the Oxford Westgate Shopping Centre.

Westgate Shopping Centre is being jointly developed by Land Securities and The Crown Estate. The BPHEs cover a range of 25 to 750 KW load at 1K LMTD (log mean temperature difference). The AHRI (Air-conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute) certificated models have each passed a performance test completed by a third party German test facility. District heating networks and communal heating are becoming increasingly popular due to recent technology advances. The effective transportation of hot and cold water through pipes to homes, offices, hospitals and factories, is entirely dependent on heat exchangers. More recently, the use of BPHEs has


resulted in considerable savings and increased energy efficiency. The projected performance of a heat exchanger is set-out by software and this level of performance should – but is not always – be achieved in operation. In practice, performance levels can vary for different operational reasons. In anticipation of such problems at the point of installation, many end clients require a third-party performance test to verify the claimed performance data of the designed product.

All SWEP BPHEs are AHRI approved. AHRI is a globally recognised and respected certification program to give reassurance to end-users; when specifiers and other decision makers

see that products bears the AHRI Certified® mark, they know such products will perform accurately and consistently. Companies like SWEP with the confidence and technology to achieve AHRI accreditation, are best-placed to win more bids and sell more products.

District Energy, heating and cooling are set to comprise a significant part of the new low carbon energy infrastructure in the UK. AHRI accreditation provides greater confidence for specifiers and developers when they specify minimum requirements for a project. VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

SWEP, a leading global supplier of compact brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs), has supplied 79 of its gasket‐free BPHEs for the 800,000sq ft Westgate Shopping Centre in the heart of Oxford.

uFDS will install mechanical smoke ventilation systems in eight of Lyon Square's blocks.

uLuceco’s LuxBay offered a cost‐effective alternative to the existing traditionally lamped luminaires at The Cleeve Sports and Arts Centre in Cheltenham.

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