To feature in What’s New, call Claire Rixon on 01622 699198 Gripple simplifies business information modelling G

ripple, the construction products innovator, has launched a data library to simplify Building

Information Modelling (BIM) on building projects.

Via Gripple’s website, contractors,

consultants and architects can access the library of Autodesk Revit files and technical support materials and download Gripple’s products as digital objects, which can be placed directly into digital building models. Frazer Belafonte, Gripple’s Technical

Services Manager, said: “We offer considerable technical support daily for our customers delivered through our


aterloo Air Products PLC has launched a larger

Barrel Slot Diffuser to give architects and building engineers greater flexibility in designing air movement systems.

The new CSB 25 Barrel

Slot Diffuser reinforces Waterloo’s comprehensive range of air terminal devices, by offering a stylish, multi‐ directional answer to optimising air flow in large spaces. “There’s been a real trend

towards ‘bigger and better’ in commercial projects, and now it’s happening in residential developments too. Architects are using high

installation design service, CPD presentations, BIM consultation, embodied CO² assessments, BREEAM accreditations and on‐site support. “The synergy between the benefits of utilising BIM and those of the Gripple system are very clear, so we are excited to see how we can develop our BIM support in the future.” Customers can access the Gripple data

library by visiting and selecting ‘My Gripple’ from the homepage menu. Waterloo’s new barrel slot diffuser gives large space design flexibility

ceilings to give more of a design impact in luxury apartments, and even creating double‐storey reception areas to achieve a stunning first impression,” comments Mat Southgate, Product and Development Manager at Waterloo. The CSB 25 Barrel Slot

Diffuser has 100mm long barrels, which can be positioned to deliver air precisely to the left, right or vertically. This gives building engineers the flexibility to create dynamic, multi‐ directional air movement. Waterloo has engineered the CSB 25 Barrel Slot Diffuser to be as narrow as possible, giving a sleeker

The programmable EasyZAPP – making Energy Saving Easy

appearance within the overall room design, whilst delivering maximum performance and control. The diffuser’s aesthetics

are enhanced with a rounded fascia, and can be ordered in any RAL colour. There’s also a range of decorative finishes for an eye‐catching effect, or to blend into the existing environment.

Pentair launches breakthrough Raychem low‐smoke zero halogen self‐regulating heating cable range

properties, the new Raychem self‐regulating heating cable range provides safe, simple and efficient pipe‐freeze protection, which offers users superior performance and durability as well as improved energy efficiency. XL‐Trace is easy‐to‐use and


install and gives unparalleled building safety with compliance to IEC61034‐2 and resistant to IEC62395. The use of cross‐linked materials to improve product performance gives a life expectancy beyond 25 years. This is

hanks to its unique combination of self‐ regulating and LSZH

further supported by an IEC60068‐2‐5 and IEC60068‐2‐ 9 UV resistant material, which remains colourfast under UV exposure and is resistant to mild inorganic substances Unlike constant wattage series heaters and zone heating cables, XL Trace vary power output to heat only when needed. When combined with the brand’s wide range of pipe freeze protection controls, further energy savings of up to 75 per cent can be achieved. Jonathan Jones, Product

Category Manager at Pentair explains: “The cable industry

of lighting or other connected loads, these controls are remotely set‐up or adjusted using a free app on an Android phone or tablet. EasyZAPP products work as presence detector


and its customers are increasingly looking for products that are both safer and easier to use. The Raychem XL‐Trace LSZH range offers increased safety without compromising durability or energy efficiency. With it unique properties, it is the safest and most reliable pipe freeze protection choice for modern building design. Take control with Sontay

Temperature Controller to provide local control of a HVAC system. Communicating via 2‐wire RS‐485 bus using theBACnet MS/TP, the new Smart Temperature Controller offers close control of heating, cooling and ventilation demand within modern building control systems.


Depending on the chosen model, the Smart Temperature Controller operates as a proportional integral (P+I) controller, switching HVAC

responsive website providing customers with detailed product information along with an array of support tools and information. has been completely


redesigned, with a clean, modern look and intuitive navigation. The new website is content focussed, delivering information and support in easy to access formats. The product section, for example, which is categorised by range, lists all the products within that range including part number, product type and picture. Clicking on an individual product takes you to detailed product information and a

ontay, the expert in field control devices, has introduced an innovative SC‐ST‐x Smart

devices ON/OFF or outputs modulating 0‐10V control signals for modern EC fans and actuators. Additional inputs options include window contact, occupancy detectors and remote temperature sensing into the built in control strategy, making this range ideal for high energy efficiency and smart user interaction. “This is the next step in the

evolution of our smart products,” comments Sandy Damm, Managing Director of Sontay. “The new controller provides contractors,

installers and integrators with an open system that relays concise and accurate information. Buildings are becoming more connected and Sontay is leading the way in developing solutions fit for the building of the future.” More information about the

product specifications can be found on Sontay’s website, including downloadable datasheets that outline the installation requirements. New Nittan website provides valuable, easy to access information

ittan Europe, a leading manufacturer of conventional and addressable fire detection products, has launched a new

button to download relevant technical documents. You can choose which documents to download to a Download Centre, or a handy ‘download all’ button is available to zip them and place them in a folder of your choice. A dedicated news page features regularly

updated information on latest product developments, exhibitions Nittan is attending and the ‘Beyond Blue Lights’ video – a programme led by the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) and produced by ITN Productions in which Nittan features. The top stories are repeated on the home page for maximum visibility. Tel no 01483 769 555, email or visit


switches and can be adjusted for settings such as photocell override, time lag and maintained lux levels (dimmable versions only). The phone or tablet can also be used as a remote

control on/off override, or to configure several EasyZAPP controls at the same time. The products are straightforward to install and generally make use of existing wiring, making them suitable for either retrofit or new installations. The EasyZAPP range includes switching only

controls and dimming controls available for either DALI, 1‐10VDC or DSI dimmable ballasts. Mounting options include: ceiling flush, ceiling surface, high bay and batten mount variants.

accolade at the recent H&V News Awards 2017, held at The Grosvenor on London’s Park Lane. It continues Toshiba’s run of awards success last year, when its SMMS‐e


VRF system won all four major industry awards. Commenting on SHRM‐e, the judges said: “It sets a new industry standard

for energy efficiency and continuous heating performance. It builds on the success of the multi‐award‐winning SMMS‐e system, delivering improvements across the board in terms of energy efficiency, occupant comfort and breadth of building application. The judges conclude: “Toshiba's SHRM‐e represents a leap forward for

heat recovery VRF technology, and that's why it is a worthy winner.” SHRM‐e is Toshiba's latest and most advanced heat recovery VRF system

to date. It embodies important technical developments that break new ground for the industry in terms of compressors, controls, and wireless communications, which extend efficiency and the application envelope for VRF into new territory. A battery of incremental improvements combine to ensure the system

achieves an ESEER (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 8 and above in most capacities, an industry first, and an ESEER exceeding 7 for all capacities, a previous industry first by Toshiba, achieved by SMMS‐e. While end‐users benefit from reductions in running costs and enhanced comfort, installers profit from the new wireless commissioning and diagnostics system, reducing installation time and opening up fast two‐way data exchange. Other improvements include improved operating temperature range,

extended pipework limits and connectivity, and genuinely continuous heating. David Dunn, Director and General Manager of Toshiba Air Conditioning and CIAT Ozonair, said: “We are delighted that the innovation and technical excellence underpinning SHRM‐e has been recognised by this independent panel of industry judges. It confirms and supports our own belief in the product as establishing a new frontier in the field of VRF air conditioning technology.” He added: “Few sectors are as competitive as the VRF market, particularly in the UK, where buyers are very knowledgeable and familiar with the technology. We went to great lengths to address UK needs in refining SHRMe, and this has paid off by delivering a system that outperforms the competition on every key measure. We believe it will be another winner for Toshiba.” BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER JUNE 2017 33

oshiba’s latest 3‐pipe heat recovery VRF system, SHRM‐e, has been judged the industry’s top commercial HVAC product. The pioneering system, which delivers unmatched energy efficiency, took the top

ANLERS are pleased to announce the launch of their EasyZAPP range of PIR occupancy switches. Designed for the automatic control


University cuts carbon emissions by over 809 tonnes a year using drive technology

£194,000 a year in energy costs following the installation of 94 ABB variable speed drives (VSDs) ranging from 5.5 to 55 kW. The project formed part of the


university’s Carbon Management Plan. This included installing VSDs on motors powering fans in air handling units and fume extraction equipment and water pumps in more than 20 buildings used for teaching and research. Most of the assessed motors had no speed control, being connected direct‐on‐line. The drives are controlled by a building management system (BMS) using a 4‐20 mA connection to provide speed references to the drive and monitor alarms. ABB drives can monitor their own energy use and run hours and this has been used to identify the kWh used at

various times, thereby proving the savings.

Harmonic mitigation was an

important factor for the university. The ABB ACH550 drive has harmonic mitigation built‐in as standard. Swinging choke technology ensures the drive delivers up to 25 percent fewer harmonics at partial loads compared to a conventional choke of equal size. Since the install the university has had no issues with harmonics. The drives were supplied by ABB authorised value provider Halcyon Drives.

Toshiba’s pioneering SHRM‐e VRF system judged the

industry’s top HVAC product

he University of Leeds is saving over 809 tonnes in carbon emissions and

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