a deep understanding of our sector. We are looking forward to working with them to make AYRO the reference mark of the hybrid wind propulsion market.”

Ludovic Gérard, CEO of AYRO, added: “With shipping companies and shipyards increasingly interested in wind propulsion technologies, the market is expending fast. Thanks to this new funding, we will be able to answer that demand, demonstrate our unique technologies, and supply our flagship product, Oceanwings®. We are looking forward to exciting times ahead.”

Climat’ of Bpifrance, we assist companies in their ecological and environmental transition plan and support those with a significant impact on the environment.

“Thanks to recent regulations and the evolution of stakeholder awareness on environment issues, the market for hybrid wind propulsion is going to take off very soon.” Philippe Renaudin, Mer Invest’s General Manager, says: “It was essential for Mer Invest to support an efficient

and clean game changer in the maritime transport industry by investing in AYRO. With a great world-class team and a booming market eager for innovative solutions to environmental issues, we are confident in AYRO’s upcoming success.”

Marc Van Peteghem, Co-Founder and President of AYRO, added : “We are delighted to have been able to assemble this unique team of investors. They are passionate about what we do and have

Eric Plantier, a partner at Blueprint Partners who lead the transaction, says: “We are very proud to have supported AYRO’s management team in this fund- raising process. AYRO is leading the way in lowering the CO2 emissions of the maritime transport industry. With a great solution, a strong vision, a unique operational team, and highly dedicated and international investors, AYRO now has the ability to deeply impact the maritime industry and help achieve #netzero.”

Offshore Support Vessel ‘Aureus’ Orders SOLASOLV®

Roller Screens

At the beginning of August the owners of ‘AUREUS’ confirmed an order for 50 SOLASOLV® roller screens for delivery to the UAE. The ‘AUREUS’ is a multipurpose worldwide offshore construction, maintenance and diving support vessel built in 2009.

The screens are to be installed at both the forward and aft windows on the bridge whilst the vessel is dynamically positioned at sea performing fixed location operations. The vessel has an operating capacity down to 1,500 m water depth and can accommodate up to 120 personnel. It is also Special Purpose Ships Code (SPS) compliant, which provides an appropriate level of safety for this type of ship and the persons carried.

Since 1987 Solar Solve Marine has supplied more than 181,940 screens and roller blinds to over 18,900 vessels worldwide, and all products are ISO 9001:2015 quality assured. The company’s main product line is the well-known SOLASOLV® range of heat rejecting, anti-glare roller screens for navigation and control room windows.

The primary benefit of SOLASOLV® roller screens is to ensure safer navigation by reducing glare and reflection on display screens and bridge equipment so they are easier to read, and also to provide a clear outward view without eye-strain.

Paul Hopkins, Sales and Marketing Executive for Solar Solve commented, “We are delighted to receive yet another order from a new client, this

Credit to and RYAN REBELLO

time based in the UAE. The order has now been manufactured and sent out so the crew can install the screens whilst the vessel works at sea. Despite the global pandemic we are noticing a recovery in the offshore sector now that the price of crude oil is rising again which is good news all round.”

q +44 191 454 8595 E H

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