PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE Meredith Meyers, D.C., and her patient, Jason Althouse, work together to find the best way to address his needs.


HER PATIENT Meredith Meyers, D.C., cares for a veteran and his chronic pain.

JASON ALTHOUSE embarked on many heavy sea trips during his 22 years in the U.S. Navy, where he ultimately served as chief engineer on a ship. When he was retiring, he learned he had injured his back, and that this would have a lasting impact on his life. “Getting out of the chair or bed was difficult.

It got to the point where my wife was asking me if she needed to tie my shoes, and it was embarrassing because sometimes she did.” Living in constant pain drove Jason to the Palmer Florida Clinics, where he’s spent the past

“I have three children, and being able to play with them without pain is the biggest thing

for me.”

—Jason Althouse, patient

two years under the care of Meredith Meyers, D.C. (Florida, ’07), or as he calls her, Doc Meyers. Dr. Meyers has seen Jason both at high and low points in his care.

It was at those low points that Jason was glad he could go see Doc Meyers. “When I’ve come in during my bad episodes, she’s been there to help. I’ve come in here pretty much crawling, and after my adjustments I’m literally able to walk out with little to no pain. I thank her every chance I can for that.” “We have a good working relationship,” says Dr. Meyers. “He’s very patient and lets me go through all the exams that I need to in order to figure out what’s going on with him. A lot of patients get frustrated partway through the exam process and don’t let us get through something like the McKenzie Protocol. That takes a lot of patience and can require significant work and exertion to get through. Jason has done a great job of doing everything I’ve asked him to do and working with me to find the best way to get him the help he needs.” Jason knows Dr. Meyers is there when he needs her. “Today I felt a lot of pain in my back when I was doing my exercises. What would normally take me 45 minutes to complete took me a few hours because of that pain.” Walking gingerly into the clinic, Jason gets on the table for Dr.

Meyers to examine him. He jokes, “When she comes in, I get scared.” And Dr. Meyers laughingly responds, “The thumbs are coming out!” After Dr. Meyers works to calm muscle spasms in his lower back and adjusts his lumbar, Jason is able to get up and walk out of the clinic a happier man. “I have three children under the age of 10, and just being able to play with them without pain has been the biggest thing for me.”



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