The finishing touches are underway on what will be called the David D. Palmer Learning Commons, a revolutionary $10.2 million undertaking for the College’s Fountainhead campus in Davenport—a complete renovation of one of the College’s most historic spaces at the top of Brady Street Hill.

DESIGNED BY RDG AND STUDIO 483 ARCHITECTS, it’s an impressive 22,270 square feet of sleek, thoughtful space that’s part of a larger initiative to enhance the student experience at Palmer College of Chiropractic. When all is said and done, more than $35 million in projects will be completed, including the R. Richard Bittner Athletic & Recreation Center, Trevor V. Ireland Student Clinic, and the Bruce & Bethel Hagen Student Union in the Quad Cities. Yes, the Fountainhead of chiropractic is transforming substantially each year, further solidifying its position as the place for chiropractic education. Dr. Marchiori recognizes two

important sources for Palmer’s recent success. “Simply put, these projects would not be possible without the generosity of our alumni and friends,” said Dr. Marchiori. “And then, there’s our board of trustees, who have a resolute vision and culture, and demonstrate exceptional leadership. They continually challenge

the administration and

broader Palmer community to execute our collective vision to its fullest potential. Our recent, current and future campus projects are all inspired by the board’s vision and fueled by the Palmer community’s dedication and commitment to serve our mission.”


Winding through the 76 study spaces, coffee shop, otherworldly glass atrium and sculptural staircase, both Dr. Weinert and Dr. Marchiori look awestruck. It’s true, they’ve seen the space before (many times), but with each subsequent visit the duo sees additional progress and realizes milestones that have been reached. “I’ve joked that I’ve undergone an architectural apprenticeship,”

says Dr. Weinert. “When we designed and first broke ground on this project, I didn’t fully comprehend the magnitude of how large and dominating this space would be. And now, I’m so appreciative to have had the chance to be involved in the space-planning process from inception to near completion.”

RE-ENVISIONING STUDENT LIFE The original vision for the David D. Palmer Learning Commons was to create a facility that celebrates the building’s existing structure— some elements of which are more than 100 years old—while integrating modern components that mesh with the shifting realities of modern student life, such as spaces for collaborative learning, a new library, and a hands-on technique lab. “There’s nothing typical about what we’re creating here,” says Dr.

Weinert. “Of course, you’ll have your classrooms and both private and group study areas, but we’ve gone above and beyond that. There will be adjusting rooms, an entire IT center, a café, and as you can see, tons of space for students and faculty to connect with one another.” “Don’t forget to mention that this is so much more than a brand-

new facility. Throughout the space, form follows the function of learning; that approach can be seen in brand-new chiropractic

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