TO KNOW Meet Nicole Rathje, Director of Chiropractic Association Relations.

As the Alumni Events Coordinator, Nicole Rathje was a fixture at Palmer College alumni events and homecomings since 2004. In 2019, Nicole embarked on a new journey as the Director of Chiropractic Association Relations.

Talk about your decision to move from your previous position to your current position.

There were two key motivators for me wanting to move into my new role—the ability to meet more of Palmer’s alumni and taking on a new challenge. I’m a people person and very curious by nature, so being able to learn the function and structure of chiropractic associations while fostering meaningful relationships is what hooked me to apply.

Why is the relationship between Palmer College and associations important?

It’s essential for Palmer to have a link with associations because they hold the keys to advancing the profession. Many of Palmer’s alumni are active members of their state associations and/or participate in yearly conventions, so it’s imperative I’m there to connect with them and learn how chiropractors from all over the world are working together to strengthen the profession.

What has it meant to you to connect with Palmer alumni at association events?

Being with alumni at association events has been an absolute joy. I’m motivated by the conversations I have and the passion for the profession that comes from our dynamic alumni. Whether it’s someone who knew B.J. and Mabel or recalls an inspiring interaction with Dr. Dave, or a patient who had incredible results from an adjustment or even referred a student who was a patient from childhood, I leave for the weekend beaming, knowing that I’m a part of an extraordinary profession.

What association event(s) do you look forward to most and why?

This is a tough question because I’ve honestly enjoyed all the events I’ve attended. But if I had to choose just one, I would pick the ChiroCongress annual convention. This event allows me to have access to all the U.S. associations that are active members of the organization—which is more than 50 in total! Association board members are often very busy during their own conventions, so at this event I can have fruitful conversations and maintain strong connections.

How have you stayed connected to associations during the pandemic?

I’ve really missed not being able to travel to conventions during the pandemic. Interacting with alumni and association leadership fuels me and my work. I’ve done virtual chats along with phone calls with associations to check in, see how they’re doing, and get updates on the status of regulations in their state. Hopefully we’ll be back together soon!

What is your hope for Palmer’s future in working closely with chiropractic associations?

My hope for the future is that associations see Palmer as an advocate for their mission. The College has made a significant commitment by adding my position because it sees the critical role associations play with our alumni and students.

To find out when Nicole will be at an association event near you, visit



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