2019 saw us hold our biggest ever public consultation which took place between August and November. Through an online questionnaire, postcards, focus groups and meetings, we were able to gather the opinions of nearly 1,500 local people. The purpose of the consultation was to capture views on living, working and studying in Stratford-upon-Avon from as many different groups in our town as possible, including young people, whose voices may not be heard.

As part of the process, we were thrilled to offer a memorable community consultation session at Foundation House, where live illustrator Jim Rogers created a visual interpretation of the discussion that took place. Participants had the opportunity to share their views with others in a relaxed and friendly environment and watch their ideas come to life before their eyes. The finished piece of artwork has provided us with a great reminder of what community means.

As a result of our findings, we will begin a programme of activities to bring members closer to our work and give them the chance to make decisions on grant awards that will directly benefit the community. We hope this, along with other changes we have planned, will help members to feel their voice is heard and that their membership really does make a difference.

There’s never been a better time to join us and you can find out more about becoming a member at:

We were delighted to form a partnership with MBA students from Warwick Business School to support our research and analysis. The collated results from the consultation have directly fed into our Strategic Plan which will be launched in autumn 2020 and will set our direction to 2025. It is clear where you would like us to focus our grant making: meeting the needs of young people and those who are vulnerable or isolated.

New vision statement

We also held an event exclusively for our members, enabling them to come together to tell us what matters to them and share their experiences of membership. With over 2000 members lending their support already, we were keen to hear what is currently working well and what we could improve on.

You also gave overwhelmingly positive support to the vision statement which we’ve now adopted: Creating a Connected and Vibrant Community. This goal reflects one of the key issues to emerge from the consultation – that many feel there’s a fragmented sense of community in our town. Although we’ve made some steps towards addressing this with our ongoing programme of events and activities at Foundation House, we now have a renewed focus on finding ways to strengthen our community, make new connections and bring people together. We look forward to putting these plans into action over the coming months and years.


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