£30,000 1 year funding

SUPPORT IN A CRISIS Stratford Foodbank there for those in need

‘It could happen to any of us’ said Laura, one of the customers of Stratford Foodbank. ‘No one expects to find themselves in this situation. But life happens.’

With demand for help from foodbanks ever increasing, Stratford Foodbank supports those who find themselves in a crisis situation and in need of food. Funding from Stratford Town Trust meant Marion Homer could be appointed to full time post of Foodbank Manager, and this has made a huge difference to the work they are able to do.

Marion told us: ‘It has helped significantly with identifying a new home, working with stakeholders to achieve relocation, and being present at more interagency meetings. It has also meant that volunteers have a reliable and consistent source of support whilst they undertake their many and varied volunteering tasks. We have developed

closer relationships with partners in the local area which has resulted in more referral agencies being signed up, specifically those that might see a family in the very early stages of crisis. I’m pleased to report that we have better and closer relationships with many local schools with more of them coming on board as a referral agency partner.’

Laura, like many people who find themselves in need of a Foodbank, found her circumstances changed very quickly and unexpectedly. Whilst on maternity leave with a new baby, her husband had a serious stroke out of the blue and their world fell apart. ‘We were just a normal family, financially ok, and then one day, everything changed. Without the Stratford-upon-Avon foodbank, I really don’t know how we would have coped.’

Sick pay stopped, money dried up, and they were forced to move out of their family home

Stratford Town Trust Annual Report 2019 Stratford Town Trust Annual Report 2019 21 21

and into bed and breakfast accommodation.

‘The Foodbank volunteers

were absolutely wonderful, even putting in a few treats for the children if they had them, as well as the basics. I felt they understood my situation and supported me; it gave me somewhere where I felt people were on my side.’

It has been a long road back for Laura and her husband, but they are in a better place now. The last few years have been a real struggle but they always knew Stratford-upon-Avon Foodbank was there as backup whilst they rebuilt their lives. Laura hasn’t forgotten how the Foodbank helped her and always makes sure she pops a contribution into the supermarket collection point when she is shopping. She knows how important doing this is, and she wants to help others who fall on hard times.

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