Pupils from Thomas Jolyffe School Welcome from our Chair

As I write the world is in lockdown, paralysed by Coronavirus. Hopefully, by the time you read this, life will have started to move back towards a degree of normality. But while this has been one of the greatest crises of all our lifetimes it’s also been a significant challenge for the Town Trust.

Despite having to temporarily close Foundation House during lockdown, the popularity of this welcoming community space continued to grow through 2019. We’re delighted that this model for community engagement has worked so well and we’re actively considering what other buildings in the Trust’s portfolio could also be used to provide place-making facilities for the town. There’s a powerful case for a creative hub where smaller artistic businesses could have a base to work, produce, educate others and market their products and services and we’re exploring ways we could make this happen. And while you may be a member of the Trust ,you may know residents who aren’t. I’d like to make 2020 the year where we double our membership and have made sure that joining the Trust is now easier than ever with a new online membership link on our website Please help us to grow our membership this year and every year.

We couldn’t have got through this crisis without the passionate support of the Town Trust staff who have all worked tirelessly and I’d like to personally thank them all for their enormous dedication and hard work. Over these dark times we’ve seen our remarkable town come together with acts of kindness, sympathy and generosity of spirit. We will emerge from this as a stronger, more connected and closer community and the Trust will continue to be a central pillar of Stratford’s future well-being. Having been through this unprecedented period of adversity, it’s now time to appreciate how lucky we all are. We must make the most of this new dawn.

Quentin Willson Chair of Trustees


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