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SEPTEMBER 2020 News Bulletin

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Welcome to this News Bulletin from the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS). This bulletin is available in PDF and eReader format from the IIMS website. It aims to keep members and non- members up to date with information on a monthly basis. Members are encouraged to share and forward this newsletter to colleagues, who they think might like to join the Institute, or who may be interested in its content. For more information about the Institute visit:

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Dear Colleague There is a lot to digest in this month’s expanded news bulletin.

I would urge all surveyors to read and to take note of the contents of an open letter from IIMS President, Geoff Waddington. It concerns a lack of attention to professional procedures, which is concerning and, having now come to light, is getting some members into hot water. On a lighter note, Geoff came to Portchester to cut the ribbon to officially open Murrills House as our new HQ in a socially distanced ceremony - photos are shown in this bulletin.

The September Report Magazine, edition 93, has been

published today. It is another monster publication, extending to 112 pages, another record-breaker containing a great selection of news and relevant articles. I have authored the lead feature article having become fascinated by the onslaught of remote surveys in recent months. The article

is entitled: ‘The elephant in the room: What do remote surveys mean for the future of the marine surveying profession’ and I am keen to stimulate a debate on this disruptive change affecting your sector. I recommend the publication to you wholeheartedly for its breadth and depth of content. The pdf and eReader versions are both available via the IIMS website at

In a significant move, the Professional Assessment Committee has met recently to review the current list of surveyor specialisations, something that is long overdue. The result is a revised list of specialisations for Yacht & Small Craft, Superyacht and Cargo & Commercial Ship surveyors. We want this to be a

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