UK accelerates into the fast lane in the self-driving revolution

An agreement signed between BSI and Meridian aims to foster sustainable growth and innovation in the self- driving vehicle industry. The Memorandum of Understanding signed by BSI and Meridian will see both organizations, in partnership with government and industry, collaborate on high quality standards and good practice to support development and safe deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology. Meridian was created by

government and industry to exploit key areas of UK expertise in the CAV industry. The global CAV sector is predicted to be worth £907 billion by 2035. “The MOU is a signifi cant step

towards achieving Meridian’s aim of establishing the UK as a global leader in the self-driving revolution”, said Rich Porter, Director of Technology at Meridian. BSI’s Head of Manufacturing,

Dan Palmer commented, “Setting appropriate standards and testing regimes will be essential to ensuring the future public acceptance of self- driving vehicles.”

Agreements with Canada and Japan recognise global

challenges Agreements have been signed this year between BSI and standards bodies in Canada and Japan to advance cooperation between BSI and its equivalents in those countries.

A Cooperation Arrangement has been signed with The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) which will help further strengthen trade relations between the two nations. Chantal Guay, CEO of the SCC said: “Our countries work together in many different ways, and I am delighted to continue building

on our collaborative relationship through this Cooperation Arrangement.” Scott Steedman, Director of Standards at BSI added: “The cooperation agreement provides a vehicle to identify priority areas where working in partnership, we can support bilateral trade and investment.” The Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Japanese Standards Association (JSA) builds on already extensive engagement between BSI and Japan. Mr. Toshio Ibi, President of JSA said, “Our

Scott Steedman and Chantal Guay, CEO of the Standards Council of Canada sign the Cooperation Arrangement

societies are facing a number of challenges. I believe that we can and should manage those challenges from global perspectives.” Scott Steedman said, “The UK and Japan

have a very strong bilateral economic relationship; over 1,000 Japanese fi rms have established business operations in the UK and over 450 UK fi rms have established operations in Japan. The UK and Japan share highly developed economies, and this agreement will support innovation in strategically important areas.”

Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway and will transform the way that human beings live, work and relate to each other. No need to panic though because standards are there to help businesses and individuals navigate this transformational landscape with confi dence and peace of mind.

This is the message of a new

video posted on YouTube by BSI to emphasise the importance of the role of standards in this new world of the internet of things, self driving cars and cyber security. New standards can address issues such as privacy of data, reliability and security and to ensure human rights are protected.



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