throttle and it’ll quickly match that with far more oversteer than you might expect. There’s actually a fair amount of feel translated from the road through the steering wheel too, which makes placing the car - and given its size it takes a lot of placing - a little bit easier.

The performance afforded by that incredible V12 is addictive. In all-out Corsa mode it is truly brutal, with each gearshift intensifying the fury. It revs out insatiably, and continues pulling throughout the range. However, rather than being matched with rather blunt steering as found in the original Aventador, that fury is now applied in a far more composed way. More direct, it’s a car that feels keen and eager to attack corners just as hard as the straights.

The Aventador S’ ride is also something special. It’s firm, there’s no doubt about that, but it remains composed. Out on the road it has a tendency to crash through larger potholes and bumps, but this is to be expected of an out-and-out supercar.

One point of contention is that gearbox. When pushing on, it makes complete sense, with crisp up and downshifts completing the racing package. However, around town it’s simply too jerky - and when compared with modern dual-clutch units it feels a touch outdated.

Value For Money

At more than £270,000, the Aventador S is not what you’d call cheap. However, for that money you get a mechanical masterpiece in that V12 engine. You also get a hugely impressive design, which stands out in the presence of almost any other car.

That price tag also brings you a part of history. Flagship Lamborghini cars aren’t released often, and though this is based on the original Aventador, this latest car is just another part of that iconic story.

Who Would Buy One

The Aventador S is ideal for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd. Not only that, but it’s for people looking for supreme performance, high levels of craftsmanship and a serious attention to detail.

It’s a truly impressive package, and one that is hard not to fall for. There are foibles to find - the gearbox, for instance, might become annoying in day- to-day usage - but the overall impression is of a car that has been refined and given a well-needed level of finesse.

Facts At A Glance

Model: Lamborghini Aventador S Engine: 6.5-litre V12 (730bhp, 690Nm) Transmission: Seven-speed automatic Performance: 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds, 217mph top speed Economy: 16.7mpg Emissions: 394g/km


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