Your 2021 Preakness Guide! T is past March, 1/ST (formerly T e Stron-

ach Group) and the Maryland Jockey Club an- nounced that not only will the 146th Preakness Stakes run in May as the traditional middle jewel of the Triple Crown, but it will be open to a limited number of spectators. Offi cials stated on March 23 that 10,000 spectators will be allowed at Pimlico Race Course on May 14 for Black-Eyed Susan Day and May 15 for Preakness Day. T e decision to include fans was made in consultation with and by approval of local and state health and government authori- ties according to the MJC March press release. “We are thrilled to be able to welcome fans

back to Pimlico Race Course for Preakness 146,” said Stronach Chairman and Chief Ex- ecutive Offi cer and President of 1/ST Belinda Stronach. “While fan attendance will be lim- ited due to COVID-19 protocols, the excite- ment of the Preakness is not limited. T e 1/ST team has worked tirelessly and in cooperation with Baltimore City and the State of Maryland to thoughtfully and safely prepare for an excit- ing and memorable day of world-class T or- oughbred racing and entertainment.”

Ticket Options T ose ticket holders who chose to carry over

their tickets from the 2020 Preakness had the opportunity to relocate to the nearest equiva- lent seating area while the remaining tickets went on sale to the general public on April 5. Within 24 hours, all but two seating options on Preakness Day were sold out. As of April 15, the only available ticket op-

tions for Preakness Day were the Turfside Ter- race and Clubhouse Turn reserved seating. All ticket options for Black-Eyed Susan Day were still available as of April 9. T e traditional Infi eld Fest has been canceled

for 2021 however, a new “Preakness Live” con- cert event has been scheduled in its place. T is new, socially distant live musical component will

run concurrently with the NBC broadcast and also will be livestreamed. T e concert is geared to celebrate Baltimore’s richness and diversity. Preakness fans can watch from home both

on the NBC television networks and the livestream


horse-racing/preakness-stakes. Live coverage by NBC begins at 4:30pm EST with a Preak- ness post time of 5:45pm EST.

COVID Rules If you are one of the 10,000 racing fans on the

grounds, MJC has put out a list of COVID-19 protocols that must be followed. Please note,

will be giving three opportunities to pass the temperature scan. If still above 100.4°F on the third scan, the guest will be asked to leave the property and will be off ered a ticket refund. 3. Guests will also be required to pass a COV-

ID questionnaire ensuring they have not know- ingly been exposed to COVID-19 over the 14 days leading up to BESD and/or Preakness Day. 4. T ese entry checkpoints will be managed

by a third party, non Preakness affi liated medi- cal supervisor to ensure objective supervision. 5. For those who have already been vacci-

nated, there will be an expedited entry for any guest who shows proof of full vaccination with a COVID-19 Vaccine ID Card. 6. Hospitality areas will be oriented to ac-

count for six feet of distance between all parties with queue lines marked at such locations as restrooms, food and beverage stands and wa- gering windows. 7. Plexiglass has been installed to maintain

May 15, 2021 Pimlico, Baltimore

Post time - 5:45pm EST

these are the published protocols as of April 9. Please check health-safety for the latest protocols before heading to Pimlico. 1. MJC has re-imagined parking and seating

locations to mitigate congestion at all access points. T e Pimlico grounds will be divided into sections that correlate with ticketed areas. Each section will operate as its own stand- alone area with no crossovers allowed. 2. Points of entry for both guests and em-

ployees will be limited to allow for noninvasive temperature checks using thermal cameras. Any guest who shows a temperature over 100.4°F

physical separation and protection in areas that do not allow for six feet of separation. 8. Hand sanitizers have been placed around

the venue and will be distributed at all entrances. 9. Masks will be required at all times except

when actively eating or drinking. 10. MJC will have designated COVID Com- pliance Offi cers circulating the venue to remind guests to adhere to these policies. 11. All restrooms will have dedicated clean- ing staff to disinfect after each use. All cleaning products and protocols meet EPA and CDC guidelines and are approved for use and are ef- fective against the COVID-19 virus. 12. All food and beverage locations will

serve individual concessions only, no buff ets or shared services. Credit cards will be accepted at all locations. 13. Fans must eat and drink at their socially distant seats. | 800-244-9580


Jim McCue/Maryland Jockey Club

Jim McCue/Maryland Jockey Club

Katherine O. Rizzo

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