2021 MATCH Series Primarily Run in Maryland

Maryland racetracks will host 20 of the 24 rac- es that are part of the newly confi gured Mid-At- lantic T oroughbred Championship (MATCH) Series for 2021. T e series will begin at Pimlico Race Course during Preakness weekend and end at Laurel Park Christmas weekend. T e MATCH Series was restarted in 2018

after a 16-year hiatus and was shelved in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. T e linger- ing pandemic nearly forced the cancellation of the 2021 series as well, but Maryland T or- oughbred Horsemen’s Association Executive Director David Richardson proposed a series entirely conducted at Maryland Jockey Club racetracks and worked with MJC President and General Manager Sal Sinatra to put the 2021 series together. Frank Petromalo of the Virgina Horsemen’s

Benevolent and Protective Association later approached Richardson and Sinatra to add four races scheduled during its August meet. T e current plan is to return to its regular format in 2022 with races held at Delaware Park, Laurel Park, Monmouth Park, Parx, Penn National, Colonial Downs and Charles Town. In total, this year’s MATCH series will in-

clude 24 stakes races for 3-year-olds and up with $2.75 million worth in purses. Addition- ally, $282,000 in bonus money is available.

Maverick Award Established in Memory of Mary Cosenza

T e late Mary Cosenza was honored at the

De La Brooke Foxhounds’ closing hunt with the establishment of the Maverick Award sponsored

by the club and Mary’s parents, Scott and Susan Cosenza. During the presentation, Susan noted, “Mary grew up with De La Brooke and she loved this club very much … this is where she developed her passion for fox hunting.” T e award is to recognize a member who is independent and a free spirit much in the same way Mary was. Junior member Lucy Nelson was named the fi rst recipient of the new award. Nelson is a busy junior rider with the hunt club and the De La Brooke Pony club, and along with her sisters, manages the company “Ameri- can Pony Outfi tters,” which off ers equestrian themed clothing. Nelson spent this past season as a junior whip and rode nearly every hunt as her virtual school schedule allowed her the unique opportunity to be offl ine on Wednes- days when the club hunts.

Kentucky Requires Testing for Horses Shipping from Pimlico

Due to the EHV-1 outbreak at Laurel Park

and Pimlico Race Course, the Kentucky De- partment of Agriculture issued a statement on April 10 regarding horses shipping from Pim- lico to Kentucky. T e statement reads: “An inability to adequately isolate new ar-

rivals on the grounds of Kentucky tracks and training facilities does warrant an abundance of caution be taken to mitigate risk of disease entry. Based on this, we are directing KY tracks and their associated sanctioned training centers to not allow movement of horses which have resided or been at Pimlico (racing, training, transiting, etc.) on or after March 15, 2021 without prior approval from the KY Offi ce State Veterinarian.

Gentle Giants Visits Assisted Living Home photos by Katherine O. Rizzo “We have and will continue to allow horses

from Pimlico to enter KY and will work to qual- ify and facilitate movement of these horses to a KY track or training center on an individual basis following testing and further evaluation. Horses which have recently (since March 15) been on the grounds of Pimlico can qualify for approval to enter a KY track or sanctioned training center if they have documentation demonstrating they have been off the grounds of Pimlico for 30 days OR horses may move from Pimlico and after having been off the grounds for 24 hours be ex- amined by a veterinarian and testing negative by PCR for EHV-1 (nasal swab and whole blood – EDTA) could qualify for entry onto a Kentucky racing or training facility. “A Certifi cate of Veterinary Inspection for the horse(s) from the point where the sample was collected needs to be issued for movement to the Kentucky racing or training facility and must document the EHV-1 testing, current health assessment in addition to meeting the normal entry requirements that includes EHV- 1 vaccination and EIA test certifi cate. “Our plan is for the current protocol de-

scribed in this message to remain in eff ect through the fi rst week of May when we will make determination and provide instruction on how to proceed.” As of press, Laurel Park was still under quar- antine orders by the Maryland Department of Agriculture, which is why the KDA made the decision to only impose restrictions on Pimlico, which has reopened, according to Sean South- ard, Director of Communications and Public Aff airs for KDA.


On April 6, Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue took fi ve of their horses to the Lorien Assisted Living home in Mt. Airy. Volunteers rode horses up to a line of resi- dents and staff waiting to pet the horses and chat with the volunteers and Gentle Giants staff . After the outdoor visit, horses were also ridden past the windows of resi- dents who could not come outside and then took a stroll through the neighborhood.

Former New York carriage horse Harlem lowers his head for some loving from one of the residents.

A resident who played polo in his younger days shows Dutch a Gentle Giants calendar. Dutch left for his forever home the next day along with Stoney and Angel.


Gentle Giants’ head trainer Lauren Nation waves to residents while volunteers Janet O’Connor and Patty King ride Dutch and Stoney past windows.

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