tures to administrative offi ces and an equine rehabilitation medical suite. The Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County (CFAAC) re-

cently distributed its eighth cycle of grants since the Covid crisis be- gan, through its Community Crisis Response Fund. To date, CFAAC has awarded 265 grants to 134 diff erent nonprofi ts totaling $1.63M. In this most recent round, CFAAC distributed $330,500 to 25 local nonprofi ts that serve the county’s most vulnerable and at-risk populations and provided funding for organizations that provide human services and health/mental health and educational resources. MHC member Mary- land Therapeutic Riding, Inc. received one of these grants to pro- vide program and operating support for MTR’s mission to support the physical and mental health of children and adults with special needs in Anne Arundel County.

MHC Member Freedom Hills Horse Rescue received a grant of

$1,500 for medical supplies and supplements from the Gus Hawthorne Foundation. The Gus Hawthorne Foundation is based in Turner, OR, and makes grants to assist animal charities. Who is Gus Hawthorne? Cute story. Visit the Gus Hawthorne Foundation website to fi nd out!

MHC IP MEMBER UPDATES MHC member Clarity Riding welcomes new instructor Mikaela Williams.

MHC member Katie Carr, of Quantum Leap Eventing LLC, is back

in the proverbial saddle (albeit not the actual saddle) after suffi cient recovery from shoulder replacement surgery. She was able to resume her business of teaching and coaching on March 22, and is anxious to return to schooling horses as soon as she can.

Maryland’s loss, Montana’s gain! MHC bids adieu to Arlene Atkins as she and her husband make their way west where they intend to retire. For over 25 years, Arlene has been “The Feed Lady” for MHC member Farmers Cooperative Association in Frederick and has been the main driver of the Coop’s membership in MHC. She likewise helped to estab- lish the Frederick County Equine Alliance, one of the few county-based horse council-like organizations in Maryland.

E-quiery-ing minds

wanted to know: who will be the new “Feed Lady” (or “Feed Dude”) once Arlene has fl own “the Coop?!” The good news: Farmers Coop has asked her to continue on as a consultant, so Arlene will continue to be a Marylander, albeit a virtual one!

It’s been a long road to merge three diff erent “brands” (Gaithersburg

Equipment Company, Frederick Equipment Company and Westmin- ster Equipment Company) and their 50 years of history into one cohe- sive brand, the Rippeon Equipment Company (a MHC member) with three locations. Although the name change happened several years ago, there are all those other little details, such as phone numbers and websites. Rippeon Equipment has now completed their digital transition! Not only does a single URL serve all three locations, it is a fully online e-commerce site - and as any one who has a retail back- ground knows, that is no small accomplishment. In addition, eff ective in March, the company now has a central phone number for all loca- tions - no more separate numbers! Want to know what the new phone number and URL is? Check out their ad on page 21 of this issue!


COVID COLLATERAL DAMAGE Not all businesses have been able to survive COVID and its ramifi -

cations, but some have not given up. MHC member Farm & Equine Services has had to suspend its services due to the impact of COVID and subsequent lack of availability of materials (manufacturers are still backed up; the author of this column is still waiting for a new stall door ordered last summer). Owner Larry B. Miller has assured all clients that existing contracts will be honored, and that he will continue repair services for existing clients. He hopes to be able to re-evaulate and reopen sooner rather than later.

RENEWED MEMBERS Welcome back: Araby North (Rus & Debbie Gambrill) • Armata Stables (Perry Bolton) • Equestrian Partners in Conservation (EPIC) • Yuletide Pines Farm (Dr. Kathleen Blanche)

THIS EQUIERY COLUMN IS FOR YOU! This monthly column in The Equiery, (which is owned and published

by the Maryland Horse Council) is designed to meet the demands of MHC’s Industry Professional Members: a place where you can publi- cize your professional news and updates. Have you taken on a new partner? Hired a new manager or trainer? Brought a new vet into your practice? Promoted an employee? Moved your location? Received a commendation or award? Changed brokerages or practices? Hired a new director of development? If so, we want to know! Please send your news to

WHAT IS AN INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL? Industry Professional Memberships are open to owners and manag- ers of equine or equine-related businesses, farms and shows/events, and to independent contractors and service providers. Equine businesses include (but are not limited to) farms and stables of- fering any equine-related service (such as boarding, training, lessons, trail rides, pony parties, breeding, mare care, foaling, carriage horses, and equine entertainment). Equine-related businesses include (but are not limited to) tack, feed and other retail stores; trailer manufacturers, sales & service; shipping; feed mills; manufacturers of saddles, supplements, tack, and shoes; hay, straw, shavings, feed, and other products; insurance, fi nancial, le- gal, accounting, and marketing services ; auction houses and sales sites; competition venues and race tracks; veterinary practices and hospitals. Independent contractors include (but are not limited to) veterinari-

ans, farriers, equine therapists, saddle fi tters, trainers, instructors, stall muckers, braiders, and equine dentists.

Annual Membership Dues: $100 Lifetime Membership: $1,000

MHC Spring Quarterly Meeting Tuesday, May 25 2021 via ZOOM 6 p.m. Sip & Share Happy Hour

7 p.m. 2021 Legislative Report & Business Meeting for more details, see page 7 | 800-244-9580



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