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Security sector leaders SWOT analysis for 2020: Strengths & Weaknesses

Security - highlightsand challenges

The big vision

Changes in 2020 to Staff Security Screening

Transforming security in 2020

10-11 Security sector leaders SWOT analysis for 2020: Opportunities & Threats


Security staff are frontline in efforts to tackle suicide

14-15 Making security more dementia-friendly

16-19 Tackling violent crime today & tomorrow

20-21 Virtual Reality can improve cybersecurity in 2020

22-23 Partnership update: CSSC Fundraiser, City of London Sheriffs’ Award for Bravery

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New City of London Police community partnership initiative and Project Servator

The Secure Futures Programme - launched to encourage young people into the security industry

28-29 Actions don’t always speak louder than words

31 A case of missing identity Introducing this issue O follow us @Citysecuritymag

ur winter issue begins with a SWOT analysis of the security sector for 2020, where we ask senior representatives from security organisations to contribute their views on its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Continuing this theme, we

consider the global trends and key challenges that may impact security. We also consider security in its broadest sense and the role of security staff in suicide prevention and how we can make security more dementia-friendly. Our centre piece is an in-depth interview with the head of the Violent Crime Task Force from the Met Police on tackling the gun and knife crime in London.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support, especially our advertisers, authors, our colleagues in the CoLCPA and our Editorial Committee. Eugene O’Mahony, Executive Editor and Andrea Berkoff, Editor.

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SECURITY ISSUE 74 - WINTER 2019 A time to reassess - a time to look forward

For our winter edition, as is traditional, we have invited the Chairman of both the City of London Crime Prevention Association and the City Security magazine Editorial Committee, Don Randall, MBE, CSyP, for his review of 2019 and assessment of the challenges ahead in 2020:


019 saw the continuing global threat and activities of international terrorism. The recent appalling attack at London

Bridge in November, the mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Sri Lankan Easter bombings, and the conflicts in Nigeria and Mali are but a few. Our thoughts and prayers are with all involved.

As we go forward to 2020, we are under no illusions that the threat from terrorism and extremism will go away. With this in mind, during the festive period, Counter Terrorism Policing is asking for support for their campaign to help keep crowded places safe. They are asking everyone to remain vigilant and report any concerns. A toolkit is available for sharing these important messages. You can find out more at

During 2020, political unrest will stay and, as security professionals, we must be prepared for the increase in disruption from protest groups. Knife and gun crime continue to cause grave concern and we will maintain efforts to support the reduction in the numbers of these shocking incidents. We must also be prepared for the impact of national disasters. Recent flooding in Yorkshire shows the devastation this can cause.

The City of London Crime Prevention Association and the Cross-Sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) initiative are two examples of how public/private partnership remains critical to protecting our fellow citizens. They show how the private security sector is constantly increasing in professionalism and dedication to working in partnership with law enforcement and associated agencies.

In our last edition of 2019, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supports the work of the City of London Crime Prevention Association, including our speakers, the City of London Police and our committee.

On behalf of all at City Security magazine and the CoLCPA I wish you a peaceful and restful Christmas period with those you love and care for.

Don Randall MBE, CSyP, Chairman CoLCPA.


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