Westinghouse won the contract to build an AC generating plant. Morgan, having lost, threatened to sue Westinghouse for Tesla‘s patents. JP Morgan and JD Rockefeller eventually became so powerful that Congress forced both men to separate their business interests. Today anti-trust legislation is again being raised in Congress to threaten our tech giants.

Mike Hurst CPP, MSyi, FIRP Vice Chairman ASIS UK, Member ASIS Europe Governance Task Force and Member of the ASIS Professional Development Council.

Cyber security is a relative ‘new

security sector leaders SWOT analysis for 2020

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats Continued from page 3

Opportunities W

hat do you believe are the opportunities for the

security sector going forward to 2020 and beyond?

Peter French MBE, CPP, FSyi Managing Director SSR Personnel

Security in the future for the private citizen and corporation will be dominated by the need to

protect the liberties of both,

integrated with, and protected by, cyber/information security capabilities. Politics will affect civil liberties; technology assistance in one country might well become a restriction in another. If for 100 years we are at war with an increasingly sophisticated terrorist force, such as IS, civil restriction will be accepted to repress elements of the population. But we will want to capitalise on the power of the networked world that facilitates automation and frictionless business activity, demonstrates

compliance with policy and regulations, and drives efficiency. This will also be an exciting sector for entry level applicants to be part of.

The convergence of multiple technologies, real-time analytics, machine learning, commodity sensors, and embedded systems, the internet of things and cloud platforms, creates a new sphere of vulnerabilities by increasing the number of ways that confidential data can be accessed and stolen. There are some looming court cases in 2020 which will chasten the new technology behemoths, including a possible €50 BN fine against Facebook by the French authorities. There is an understanding that Google , Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, et al. are open connection platforms relying upon Generation Y & Z for the truth and this community form their opinions from their news feed. Hence authorities want all these platforms to change and take responsibility for content they distribute.

More than 100 years ago business barons were fighting over energy security. Thomas Edison, backed by John Pierpont Morgan, was promoting DC current, while Nikola Tesla, backed by George Westinghouse, was promoting AC current. Morgan and John Davison Rockefeller merged their electrical interests to form General Electric. Tesla and

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kid on the block’ for the security sector and whilst the threats and risks are real and serious, it is only part of the picture. The unintentional benefit is that businesses are paying more attention to security as a whole and the role it plays in facilitating and supporting business operations. This presents a opportunity.

The opportunity is to better align security with the needs of the enterprise and is vital if security and the security professional is to become more relevant and must be grasped and put into action. Sounds like a good idea? How do we achieve this?

ASIS, the global association for the security professional, is aiming to disrupt traditional security thinking through its work on Enterprise Security Risk Management and has just launched its first ESRM Guideline. This was developed by the ASIS Standards and Guidelines Commission, which comprises experienced security management practitioners globally. This strategic security management tool helps position the security professional as a trusted business advisor. The ESRM Cycle is built on a foundation of transparency, governance, partnership with stakeholders and holistic risk management

However, for ESRM to work best it is incumbent on a security professional to maintain an understanding of their organisation’s overall strategy, its mission and vision, core values, operating environment and stakeholders. Understanding this context will enable security professionals to effectively support and align with the organisation’s strategic goals.

Nick Smith

Regional Sales Manager Genetec

There are multiple opportunities for firms to capitalise on next year, if they listen to what customers want and tailor

solutions effectively. The biggest opportunity the industry has is

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