There is a lot of ignorance about council housing It is deeply ironic that in the December/ January edition you published a letter about journalists being ignorant of council housing, by a journalist who shows, er, ignorance about council housing. Terry Wardle appears to believe it is

the fault of councils that the proportion of their tenants in work has fallen. Not so. It is actually central

government policy, forcing the sell-off of social housing without replacement, that has led to it becoming a tenure of last resort. Councils only allocate homes to people in serious housing need because they must ration access to their dwindling stocks. Michael Lloyd Edinburgh

The inside story of scoops Thank you for including the article “Hold the front page!” in the October- November edition of The Journalist. It is always inspiring to read how the biggest scoops were landed and how the reporters had to deal with them before they were published. Ian Weinfass Surrey

Plural or singular nouns, or rather a bit of both “Isn’t media a plural noun?” asks Jane Hammond (Letters, December- January). The answer of course is yes

and no. It’s the plural of medium. But “media” in this sense is being used as a synonym for the collective noun “the press”, whose individual members are not usually mediums. It’s very well explained by the late,

great Bill Walsh, former chief copy-editor of the Washington Post, in his Sharp Points blog entry: “I am a member of the media: but I am not a medium” ( As he writes: “People who say ‘the media is biased’ mean there’s an inherent bias in reporters and TV anchors. They don’t mean there’s an inherent bias in TV cameras, radio microphones and printing presses.” David Westacott Vienna

ARE YOU JUST STARTING OUT? Are you starting out in your journalistic career or maybe beginning work on a new strand of journalism? We need more contributors for our popular Starting Out column. Many people say they like the optimism and drive of Starting Out. Certainly our writers show an inspiring enthusiasm for our trade despite the many challenges posed by its ever changing and ever demanding nature. If you’d like to write a column – and be paid for it – please email some details to

twitter feed Tweet us your feedback: @mschrisbuckley Johann Tasker (@johanntasker) 12/12/2017, 19:05

@raquellemartin @Razorpix @NUJofficial Just seen and read it Rachel – fantastic piece. Thank you for putting ag-journalism on the map!

Rachel Martin (@raquellemartin) 12/12/2017, 11:46

Over the moon to be featured in the latest edition of The Journalist magazine. Can’t wait to see it in print! Thanks to @Razorpix for the photos. @NUJofficial

Ben Cowles (@Cowlesz) Linus Rees (@LinusRees) 12/12/2017, 15:22

Love the cover of this month’s the Journalist @NUJofficial pic.twitter. com/OaXtSz7FXg

12/12/2017, 16:59

The ever brilliant Steve Bell @BellBelltoons illustration on December cover of @NUJofficial magazine. Journalists have a lot to answer for. Cartoonists like Bell put them to shame

Andrew Don (@DonsHardNews) 13/12/2017, 15:29

@simoncreasey2 Good piece you wrote in @NUJofficial #theJournalist on #freelances and libel cover. Personally, I’d recommend all freelances to insure even if mainly B2B. It ain’t worth the risk not to

Helena McManus (@HelenaScullion) 1 3/12/2017, 23:12

@NUJofficial thought-provoking article by Mickey Carroll in latest issue of The Journalist. Sad to say I’ve only tended to interview young people around exam results time.

Jem-gle Bells Collins (@Jem_Collins) 14/12/2017, 12:02

This, in the new @NUJofficial is giving me life after my work party. @MickeyCarroll0 is my new god.



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