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qual pay has been a major campaigning issue for women for 50 years now, ever since women car workers in Dagenham staged their strike for pay parity. But not until now has it achieved

such a powerful momentum in workplaces across all industries.

Carrie Gracie, the BBC’s former China editor, brought the issue to a head by resigning in protest against being paid significantly less than her male counterparts. In a move supported by the NUJ, which is also acting for more than 100 other women at the BBC, she is forcing change on an organisation that is accused of failing to take the issue sufficiently seriously. Our cover feature by Louise Tickle looks at the fight within the BBC and at women’s campaigns elsewhere. Another issue of vital importance to our industry is fake

news. Raymond Snoddy looks at how prolific it is, how much regard is given to unsubstantiated news and how quality journalism is fighting against it. We also find hope for community journalism despite the constant assault on jobs and regional newspaper closures. There’s plenty to think about and I hope to interest you. And if you want to join the debate on any of these subjects or any others please keep our letters pages alive with your contributions.

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