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Carplus Economic Appraisal Report: Summary

Introduction: Immediate requirements Carplus is leading on the delivery of the DfT funded ‘Developing Car Clubs in England’ programme which is providing funding to deliver a total of 23 demonstration and smaller challenge fund projects during 2015/16. Carplus commissioned the development of this Economic Appraisal Report and BCR calculator to provide greater detail on benefi t realisation strategies for the DCCE projects and to provide further information to advise DfT on the value for money of the car club schemes being funded through the DCCE programme.

The DfT have requested greater detail on benefi ts realisation strategies, and where possible, benefi t:cost ratios so that they are in a better position to appraise these additional projects. Thus Carplus required consultancy support to develop a ‘light touch’ Economic Appraisal which could provide suffi cient information to advise the DfT on the value for money of these additional schemes.

Longer term opportunities

As an information and advisory organisation, Carplus also wanted to explore the extent to which they would be able to provide to their members and to policy makers:

• Indications of the range of BCRs for different types of car club operations;

• Advice – maybe as guidance for Webtag – that allows others to make better assessments of BCRs when designing projects; and

• Development of a benefi t realisation strategy to help the development/funding of future similar schemes.

This summary report sets out the approach, sources and parameters used for the new BCR Calculator. The approach uses established data sources and follows the Webtag guidance on appraisal, but, to meet the aim of proportionality, a benchmarking approach is used rather than full scale modelling and forecasting. The TAG data book and LSTF appraisal processes have provided some of the basic methodology but have been tailored to the specifi cs of car club impacts. The annual Carplus member survey contains a reasonable sample of user impacts, including those who decrease and increase their car use overall, numbers of members per car and car average mileages, which has also informed this report.

This report incorporates comments from DfT and MTRU.

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