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Production of BCRs The fi nal fi gure required to produce a BCR is the support being sought, this is mostly start up infrastructure costs since schemes are often self supporting after a few years. The cost is thus net of any cost contribution from the operators (through income) or other one off contributions which reduce costs. This follows the approach used for other transport scheme appraisal. A summary of the results of using the draft appraisal tool for the seven Tier 1 schemes is set out below and an example spreadsheet output for the whole package is available on request.

Table 2.1: Tier 1 Schemes: Summary of results for Benefi t to Cost Ratios (BCRs) Scheme

Derbyshire NECA Isle of Wight West Berkshire 5 year BCR 1.67 30 year BCR 10.44 5.71 2.83 35.53 17.65 2.13 13.30

Source: Carplus scheme bid documents, appraisal spreadsheets Future use of the BCR Calculator

The BCR calculator was created using these assumptions and can be used as a quick calculator to assess benefi t cost ratios. The BCR Calculator shows the separate assumptions for each element of the calculation on separate linked worksheets. It can be downloaded for those who want to alter the assumptions about number of members per vehicle and distance travelled per car where data is available. It should be used in conjunction with the user checklist of key attributes which need to be considered.

Eastleigh Reading Greater

2.29 14.15

1.17 7.25

Manchester 2.83 17.68

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