Set your intentions for the new financial year

It’s the start of a new financial year! Will you carry on the good work of last year, resolve to do better and smash your life goals, or continue on a downward spiral? Take our light-hearted quiz to find out what’s on the cards for you in FY 2020/21.

1. Which of the following best describes your work mantra for 2020/21?

a) You can’t fight on all fronts – but you can try

b) Slow down to speed up c) Go hard or go home

2. It’s a new financial year and once again, budgets are tight, what do you do to keep your team motivated and engaged?

a) Look for affordable training opportunities in the Trust and online, consider who you can invite in to share their skills – you can make a big difference without spending a tonne of money.

b) Buy your team a pizza once and then forget about team building – they know finances are tight, so they don’t expect much.

c) Spend now, worry later – create a new website for your service, commission an app, pay a designer to create a logo, make some videos – put off budgeting till February.

3. Your to-do list might be getting longer, but summer is coming. You resolve to lose weight and get fit, what’s your strategy?


1. A)10 b) 15 c) 5 2. A) 15 b) 10 c) 5 3. A)10 b) 5 c) 15 4. A) 5 b) 10 c) 15 5. A) 15 b) 5 c)10

The results 60-75

You’ve set your goals, you’ve outlined your intentions – you’ve even got a word that symbolically represents your plans for the financial year ahead (it’s taped to your PC). Time to make those dreams a reality and invest in your future.


You’ve got the right attitude, but some of your best intentions are a little misguided. 2020/21 won’t be any different if you continue to do the same things. Remember, if you wait for the right time, you’ll wait forever.


Some people are radiators and some are drains. Instead of blaming everyone for where you are in life, it’s time to take some action! There’s nobody holding you back but you.

a) Start with a 10-day juice cleanse, work out every morning and dress Athleisure in the office, talk incessantly to your colleagues about how much better you feel without carbs, dairy, caffeine and kitkats in your life.

b) Order vegetarian meatballs at Ikea once, then decide you’ve had enough with the healthy lifestyle – you’ve got a 2-for-1 on Uber Eats. Boom!

c) Embrace gentle nutrition and intuitive eating. Make sure you eat three enjoyable meals a day alongside regular snacks. Move your body regularly in a way that feels positive, rather than punishing.

4. The new financial year brings new team objectives, but here you are in the same seat, with the same view, doing the same job. You feel stuck, what do you do?

a) Get angry: it’s not fair that everyone else is getting promoted and finding new jobs. What’s happened to those spam emails with the jobs in them? It’s not like you have time to look for one when you’re working this hard.

b) Take responsibility: dust off your CV, think about where there are gaps in

your skills and change your status on LinkedIn so recruiters know you are looking.

c) Get planning: talk to your manager and access the services of a coach at the Trust. It’s time you thought about what you really want to do with your professional life and started taking steps to get there.

5. You find yourself increasingly distracted by your phone. It’s making it harder and harder for you to concentrate. What do you do?

a) Turn off all notifications and schedule certain times in the day when you can look at your phone. Put your phone on flight mode overnight so you can sleep properly, and keep it in your bag or pocket during meetings.

b) Turn up the volume: it’s a digital world and you need to keep up with the Twittersphere. Also, scrolling through my notifications in meetings makes me look important and popular.

c) Sign up to one of those apps that tells you how much time you’ve spent online. Try and get it under three hours a day (ok maybe six…)

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