The mentions for @ImperialNHS Trust. Here’s a quick sample of what patients have said in the last few months:

Katherine Webber @kwebberwrites 6 Feb 2019 This is just to say I love the @NHSEngland and especially NHS midwives I have felt so well taken care of and looked after in my pregnancy. Special thanks to @ImperialNHS for their excellent and kind care.

L A @sonicfairy 11 Feb 2019 @ImperialNHS A big shout out to the Lung Function team at the Hammersmith Hospital. Punctual (even a little early), professional, friendly, fabulous!

Nathalie @she_codes 16 Mar 2019 I was told my youngest wouldn’t survive. Born 6.5 weeks prem - #bronchiolitis at 7 weeks. 2 weeks in PICU in St Mary’s London & wonderful support from the @ImperialNHS got us through. He’s now 15. This brings it all back.

Sasha goodman @sashaishere88 19 Mar 2019 These 2 doctors are life savers! Dr Gareth Tudor williams saved my life 24 years ago when I was 6 and extremely sick! He kept me alive and here I am at the age of 30! A huge thanks to him, Caroline Foster, Jo Dodge and the nurses! I have 2 healthy children and a great future

Nubian Life @NubianMatters 30 Mar 2019 @ImperialNHS #Marjory Warren & 7 North and St.Marys. Thank you for the amazing care of two our clients. Thank you 7th North for the support and kindness shown in the passing of one of our Kings. Glad you are still here NHS!


We know twitter is not for everyone, so when we received a handwritten letter as a submission to this edition of “Tweeting Thanks,” we couldn’t resist adding a spot for it. Read on for a special thanks to Dr Eduardo Olavarria and the haematology team at Hammersmith Hospital.

Spring/Summer 2019

I am 73 years old with all the very healthy organs and had my stem cell transplant at Hammersmith Hospital on 9 December 2018. It was successful. I am thankful to all the doctors, consultants and nurses at the Dacie  thanks to Dr Olavarria, who took so much care to initiate this transplant. My son advised me to be strong, positive and courageous, and take one day at a time. Kishore Naik

Thanks to Kishore Naik for sharing your story! Dr Eduardo Olavarria

Valerie card @trickycavalier 9 Feb 2019 I donated a kidney to my Husband, I can honestly say it was painless and they looked after me so well (West London Renal Unit @Hammersmith Hospital) Our surgeon was Mr Pappalois!

Gail Goddard @Gailgoddard4 11 Feb 2019 Thank you to all the cardiology staff at Hammersmith Hospital @ImperialNHS looking after my Mum at the moment I am proud to say the nurses have all been exceptional and the doctors aren’t bad either. Thank you all so much.

Harry Leitch @HGLeitch 4 Mar 2019 Thanks to @KONneuro and team for the not-so- micro-microdiscectomy. Back at work pain-free within a week @ImperialNHS

Sonia Sophia Randev @SlickSportLtd 26 Mar 2019 Just got home from #Manchester after visiting @underarmour Just got told my mother is clear off #Cancer for the second last year that the cancer had #Cancer how’s it going? We just defeated you..AGAIN.” Thank you @imperialNHS

Runacratic @julie_runacres 2 Apr 2019 Cardiac rehab starts today. Thanks to NHS Charing Cross and Hammersmith hospitals for wonderful care. @ImperialNHS

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