Shell launches Mysella S7 N ultra oil to power next-generation gas engines

Shell have recently announced the launch of Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra, the latest and most advanced formulation within the Shell Mysella family of lubricants. This new engine oil has been designed to help maintain the efficiency, and meet the considerable demands of next-generation stationary gas engines, especially those with steel pistons. After extensive scientific research and more than 45,000 hours of testing to date on the latest steel piston engines, Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra can achieve drain intervals of up to 4,000 hours, doubling the typical intervals of previous-generation lubricants.

OEM approved Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra is designed to lubricate the most powerful, highest efficiency stationary gas engines. Field trials reveal

high-performance levels with steel piston engines operating with up to 24.5 bar brake mean effective pressure (BMEP), as well as the capability to lubricate engines of the future with a higher BMEP1.

These high-pressure engines present a unique set of challenges during operation, which require a different approach to lubrication. Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra can withstand extreme temperatures and stress, helping to ensure engine reliability and enhanced performance. This in turn significantly helps to reduce total cost of ownership for gas power plant owners and operators.


Obituary - Bill Mosley, Morris Lubricants

Bill Mosley formerly Purchasing Manager at Morris Lubricants, based in Shrewsbury U.K., has passed away after a short illness.

He began his career in the lubricants industry at the age of 15 in April 1964, working under the late Leonard Paterson.

Starting in the blending department, Bill experienced a wide range of jobs in the works before moving to the transport and purchasing department. As Purchasing Manager, a post he held for around 25 years, he was responsible for ordering everything to keep the production running smoothly, from base oils and additives to packaging and oil drums.

In this role he dealt with suppliers across Europe and the UK and enjoyed the variety in the job, as the company produces such a vast range of products for different end users around the world. “It’s my job to ensure that the right materials are here at the right time and at the right price,” he once said.

In 2014, Bill chalked up 50 years’ service with Morris Lubricants and was still active in the company until recently.


Andrew Goddard, Executive Chairman of Morris Lubricants and grandson of Leonard Paterson, said: “Bill’s loyalty to the family, the company and his colleagues was unquestionable. My grandfather saw something special in Bill and his decision to appoint him is probably one of the best he ever made during his 48 years as director and chairman.”

Morris Lubricants Commercial Director and long-time friend John Alton added: “When I reflect on my thirty plus years of knowing Bill, my overriding feeling is that of admiration. He was immensely proud of the company’s achievements and always modest about his valuable contribution.

Bill’s success was due to his reliability, patience, honesty, dedication and integrity. He was a man of his word, whose trustworthiness enabled him to develop lasting business relationships.”

Bill, who lived in Shrewsbury all his life, leaves behind four children and five grandchildren.

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